Trends in restaurant menus

We see new gastronomical currents in the hotel and restaurant sector each year. Some appear to be more stable, and others are merely passing trends. It all depends on consumer habits, and hotel and restaurant owners must be prepared to make sure that their customers are always happy with what they offer. For that reason,…


How has the hotel and restaurant trade developed over the last 20 years?

The hotel sector has undergone significant changes over the last decades. The markets are ever more competitive and the customers, with internet access, have become much more demanding, requiring the best products and services. Development in figures: the hotel and restaurant trade in Spain has always played a key role in job creation and the…


What aspects should you take into account before opening a restaurant?

Starting up a business is never an easy task, whether in the restaurant or any other sector. Nevertheless, it is true that certain sectors, among them the hotel and restaurant trade, present a series of added difficulties relating to the regulations in force  and the heavy investment required by this type of business. But if opening…


Iker Alberdi interview at Foodservice Consultant

Today marks the start of a new period in Fagor Professional’s blog. A new design and the same objective: to continue to draw closer to you by sharing contents of interest to you and which help to promote conversation. For the first article of our new blog, we have chosen the interview recently conducted with Iker Alberdi,…


Good practice and regulation in food health and safety for restaurants

There are few sectors in which good practice in food health and safety is so important as in the hotel and restaurant trade. Mistakes made in this field can have very negative consequences for the customer and, as a result, for the good repute and survival of the business. Today we go over the different…


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