Accessories for Industrial Laundry


Carros e bastidores adequados facilitam o manuseamento da roupa e ajudam a prevenir lesões por esforço repetitivo.

Os carros de lavandaria ergonómicos adaptam-se a lavandarias, hospitais, residências, hotéis, spas, etc... O seu design assegura que o carro estará perto do equipamento para que a roupa não acabe no chão.

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Carrinhos para roupa seca
Carros com bolsa para roupa seca
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Carrinhos para roupa húmida
Carros contentores para roupa húmida
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Carrinhos de gaiola
Carros de gaiola para transporte de roupa seca
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Maquina de embalagem
Embolsadoras para ropa
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Bengaleiro industrial
Bengaleiro para pendurar a roupa pronta

Why choose laundry accessories?

Fagor Professional's laundry accessories are designed with you in mind, because we want them to make handling laundry easier and help prevent repetitive strain injuries. In this way, Fagor also ensures that laundry does not end up on the floor.

With our laundry accessories, our goal is to optimize the work of these spaces, maximizing the rate of folding and storage, as well as facilitating the transport of linen for our customers.

The clothes rack trolleys are specially designed to transport the laundry in a convenient way once the washing process has been completed and the garments are ready.

With Fagor Professional's accessories for industrial laundries you will make the operator's work easier and keep the establishment organized.

Which accessories for industrial laundry should you choose?

At Fagor Professional we work to continue evolving and to be able to meet the most demanding and innovative needs of our customers. Get to know our brand, and you will be able to see all the equipment and accessories for industrial laundry that we have.

Fagor Professional considers professional laundry equipment accessories to be very important, as they allow you to offer an efficient laundry service in your professional business. In our catalogue you can find the accessories for industrial laundry machine we offer, so you can choose the industrial laundry accessory that best suits the needs of your business.

It should be noted that Fagor offers different trolleys depending on the type of linen, dry linen, wet linen and dirty linen.

On the one hand, dry linen trolleys are equipped with bags for easy transport of linen that has not yet been dampened. These trolleys are specially designed for room service, where large quantities of dry linen are collected.

On the other hand, wet linen trolleys are specially designed to easily transport linen once it has been dampened. We have different types of trolleys from the simplest models to those with a level base.

Finally, cage trolleys for the transport of soiled linen in hospitals and industrial laundries.

The racks are specially designed to transport the laundry neatly once the washing process has been completed and the garments are ready.

In which businesses are accessories for industrial laundry machine necessary?

Accessories for industrial laundry machine, both trolleys and racks, are perfect for transporting laundry in high volume warehouses, textile industries, industrial and sanitary laundries, hotels and even for self-service laundries.

Due to the large capacity and manoeuvrability of our industrial laundry accessories, they are used for transporting sheets, towels, work uniforms, etc.

These laundry items will facilitate and increase the production of your business.

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