Secadoras profissionais


As novas secadoras da gama Compact, constituem o par perfeito para as lavadoras profissionais da Fagor, oferecendo uma série de funcionalidades igualmente industriais, versáteis e robustas, que garantem uma secadora muito competitiva e com ciclos de secagem realmente eficientes.

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Secadora Advance
Investa em eficiência. Investa no futuro.
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Secadora Concept
O equilíbrio perfeito entre qualidade e preço.
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Secadora Economic Lien
Simples e económica, com o mesmo design e robustez.

Muito mais que uma lavandaria profissional. Um novo conceito de lavandaria.

Why choose a professional dryer?

In the Fagor Professional catalogue you will find the perfect range of professional dryers for your business. Choose the professional dryer for your business that best suits your needs.

Fagor Professional tumble dryer is the ideal companion for professional washers. They can be installed in a stack, on top of a washer or another professional dryer, even if they are ordered separately as stand-alone machines.

Considering its load capacity, this line of professional laundry dryers has as a great virtue its reduced dimensions, as well as the possibility of being stacked, which makes them a good solution for small spaces.

Professional tumble dryers are designed for small businesses, e.g. nurseries, hostels, campsites, beauty salons, restaurants, self-service laundries... They can make a difference in your business, as they are designed to dry clothes at a professional level. They are also designed for intensive daily work.

It is a very competitive machine; it has more features, is more robust and versatile and energy efficient, so it offers better drying results.

Our professional dryers are more efficient throughout the entire drying process due to the improved airflow inside the drum.

Its finish, with stainless grey skinplate panels and a robust aluminium door, offers convenience and ease of use, as well as elegant aesthetics. It has the largest door diameter in its market segment, making it easy to load and unload laundry. In addition, the adjustable control panel at the bottom improves the ergonomics when using the industrial dryer in a stack.

We offer high-quality professional laundry dryers with innovative optional features to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals.

Which professional dryer should you choose?

At Fagor Professional you can find professional dryers in the Advance, Concept and Economic Line ranges. Choose the industrial dryer that best suits your business needs.

With Fagor Professional professional dryers you are guaranteed the best quality at the best price. This is due to the long experience in laundry manufacturing and the great professionalism of the people at Fagor Professional.

Benefits of professional dryer

The new dryers in the Compact range are the perfect match for Fagor's professional washers, offering a series of features equal to those of industrial dryers, but more versatile and robust, guaranteeing a very competitive dryer with really efficient drying cycles.


When we talk about more features, we are referring to the new Touch Plus touch-screen programmer (TP2) which lets you create an indefinite number of programs (19 presets) and offers the possibility to program, import or export programs and software updates via USB.

Thanks to the improved industrial fan, with a strong airflow inside the drum, the efficiency of the whole drying process is increased. It allows for reduced drying times, thus saving energy.


As for the functionality of the professional laundry dryer, we can highlight its robust aluminium door with the same lock and door seal used in the industrial range. It has the largest door diameter in its market segment, making it easy for professionals to load and unload laundry.

The range of professional dryers has the advantage of being small and stackable, i.e. two dryers can be installed in a stack or a dryer can be installed on top of a washer. So they are a good solution for small spaces. The adjustable control panel at the bottom improves the ergonomics when using the dryer and washer in a stack.

It should be noted that the filter is a drawer, it is not in the door. This offers greater drying efficiency, ergonomics and easy cleaning.

Which businesses need an industrial dryer?

The best professional tumble dryers are from Fagor Professional.

These Fagor professional dryers have a multitude of uses. They are mainly designed for small businesses, such as lettings, hotels, self-service, hairdressing salons, hostels...

Also in the hospitality industry, to dry clothes and linen for daily use, such as napkins, tablecloths and aprons. Or in hostels, for drying bed linen, bath towels,...

This range of professional dryers can be converted to a self-service version, for installation in hostels, for example,

Choose and buy professional tumble dryer that best suits your needs.

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