Cabinas de vapor


Funcionamento simples e prático para a engomagem de calças e de camisas, casacos e peças semelhantes. Nas cabinas de engomar não é necessário que o operador seja um especialista de engomagem e graças ao seu tamanho compacto permite instalar a cabina mesmo em espaços pequenos

Why choose a steam ironing cabinet?

At Fagor Professional we also have supplementary finishing equipment for your laundry. We offer you the industrial ironing cabinets, providing you with exceptional production, which translates into energy savings.

Fagor Professional ironing steam cabinets ensure top quality ironing, optimising the production time of the finishes and speeding up the other tasks in the professional laundry.

It has a simple and practical operation for pressing garments: trousers, shirts, jackets, coats and similar clothing. With ironing cabinets, it isn't necessary for the operator to be an expert in ironing.

In addition, its small size allows you to install the cabinet even in very small spaces.

Which steam ironing cabinet should you choose?

When choosing supplementary equipment for your business it is important to know the brand. At Fagor Professional we have extensive experience in the manufacture and sale of laundry equipment.

In addition to all our other equipment, at Fagor Professional we also have industrial ironing cabinets.

In the Fagor Professional catalogue you will find the different models of ironing cabinets with their corresponding features and options.  Choose the steam ironing cabinet for industrial ironing cabinet that best suits your needs.

Benefits of an industrial steam cabinet

The ease of use of the Fagor Professional industrial ironing cabinet means that the operator does not need to be an ironing expert.

At Fagor we have the latest generation industrial steam cabinet, with advanced features, easy to use and easy to install and maintain.

Its small size allows the cabinet to be installed even in establishments where space is limited.

It should be noted that the Fagor industrial ironing cabinet is equipped with accessories for ironing different garments.

Energy efficiency is one of our hallmarks, which is why we strive to ensure that all our equipment offers a higher yield as well as significant energy savings.

Which businesses need an industrial steam cabinet?

The steam ironing cabinet for professional ironing is ideal for improving the services of any laundry. 

The laundry ironing cabinet is designed for the ironing of large volumes of garments: in dry cleaners or trouser making schools, for skirts, shirts, mackintoshes, jackets, etc.

And in hospitals and restaurants for work clothes, staff uniforms, etc.

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