Fagor Professional offers a wide range of commercial kitchens, ideally suited to satisfy the requirements of every chef and their way of cooking. They are all carefully analysed and designed in terms of quality, safety and hygiene. Their design is also based on reliability and ease of use, elegant aesthetic and technological innovation, satisfying the needs of the most demanding chefs. 

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Tailor-made kitchen: Symphony
The composition of a perfect symphony
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KORE Monoblock
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Modular kitchen: 900 and 700 Kore Generation
The heart of the professional kitchen
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High production equipment
Specific machinery for communities
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Independent cooking
Specific non-modular cooking machinery


We have a wide variety of professional cookers: from custom-made commercial, modular cookers of different generations and ranges, to large production equipment and independent solutions for professional kitchens.

Our professional cooker models adapt in size and capacity to the needs of the production volume of your establishment.

Large production cookers are larger units with the capacity to cook and bake much more food. We have professional cookers in different ranges, such as the Kore 700 and 900 Generation, which have different characteristics to the modular 600 range, allowing the business that acquires a cooker of this type to cook in a different way depending on the type of dish or dishes to be prepared.

At Fagor Professional we offer professional cookers for restaurants where you can cook high-quality dishes offering an excellent service to customers thanks to our constant innovation and improvement in the products we offer.

We are aware that we must offer our customers different types of cookers that adapt to their needs: Symphony custom-made cookers, Kore 700 and Kore 900 modular generation, modular 600 range, large production equipment and even independent cooking equipment, among others, so that your commercial cooker has everything necessary for the smooth running of your business.

When buying a cooker for your hospitality business from Fagor Professional, you should consider the size of the cooker. We have different sizes and models of cookers for any sector of the hospitality industry, for restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, pastry shops, bars, pizzerias, etc. You can choose from among the different models and their functions the one that best suits your needs.

Our Kore 700 and 900 range modular cookers are ideal for any type of restaurant or hospitality business, as they are models that have been specially designed to facilitate the daily work of the kitchen professional, and to obtain greater performance from it.

With a good commercial cooker, any hospitality business becomes a top contender for excellent products such that its customers won't look so much at the specific model of the cooker, but will mainly value the quality of the final product. This is guaranteed by using products from any of our commercial cooker ranges.

Fagor Professional's commercial cookers have changed the deciding factor between small and large restaurants, hotels or country lodgings thanks to the equipment they include and its qualities. Our customers are more than satisfied with the different solutions we offer them and our ability to adapt to their needs: Symphony custom-made cookers, Kore 700 and Kore 900 modular generation, 600 range modulars, high production equipment and even independent cooking equipment.

It is clear that any hospitality sector, whether restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, patisseries, bars, pizzerias... work much better if their facilities include a high-performance commercial cooker such as those offered by Fagor Professional.

It is not easy to find cookers with special dimensions like the Symphony, nor of such high quality as the Kore 700 generation or the Kore 900 generation.  Our customers choose the commercial cooker that best suits their restaurant, hotel, etc., and gives them the best performance. It goes without saying that our brand is synonymous with quality.

Commercial cookers have very specific characteristics, providing the right temperatures for cooking different dishes, whether they are modular Kore 700 range, custom-made Symphony, modular Kore 900 range, modular 600 range cookers, large production equipment or independent cooking equipment, each with its own distinctive features and characteristics that make it special. 

The different models of commercial cookers that we offer, both gas and electric, have different dimensions and capacities depending on the different needs of the business. These have a huge number of specifications that make them highly effective for any commercial establishment with high output and low consumption, providing eco-friendliness, fast cooking time and increased productivity.

Does a commercial cooker make a difference?

It is clear that a conventional cooker cannot be used in a hotel or restaurant, which is why we offer a wide range of professional gas and electric cookers. These make the difference to any high-end business. Professionalism and good equipment are a measure of quality and good workmanship.

A professional cooker like the ones you will find in our catalogue, is designed to carry out any work or to prepare any dish at a professional level in large quantities.

Our professional gas and electric cookers are efficient in the organisation and production of meals, saving time and energy and improving the quality of the product. This type of cooker can be used for a variety of purposes, for example: preparing dishes, cooking food, defrosting, grilling, sautéing, and all in sufficient quantities for premises where efficiency makes the difference.

All of this, together with the quality of the materials, durability and resistance that hospitality businesses need, because top-of-the-range equipment is not only necessary, but vital in this type of business in order to offer an excellent service.

Symphony custom-made commercial cooker by Fagor Professional

We are specialists in what we manufacture, offering a guarantee on our products with advanced technology, reducing the consumption of our cookers and speeding up the preparation of dishes. These are suitable for all types of hospitality establishments.

A line of custom-made commercial cookers created to provide a solution to the diverse design and functionality needs of kitchen professionals. Powerful and versatile cookers of great power and quality for the most demanding professionals.

A type of cooker that makes it possible to optimise the space available and adapt to the structure of the kitchen and its components, providing convenience for professionals and facilitating their work. 

Kore Modular Cooker, 700 and 900 Range

Many hotels and restaurants choose these types of commercial cookers, either gas or electric. They are ready to respond to intense work and perform at their best, offering great reliability for the preparation of any type of dish or service.

They are powerful, heavy-duty units, specially designed for intensive daily use. They have a robust and ergonomic design for ease of use by the professional. They are models for a professional kitchen, for any type of restaurant or hospitality centre, be it small or large.

Professional 600 Range Modular Cooker

Both professional gas cookers and electric cookers are specially designed for professionals in bars, cafés and all types of small establishments, for busy hospitality establishments.

These professional cookers are available in a variety of installation options. They have different modules that can be adapted according to the needs of the type of business. The gas cookers have very powerful and safe burners. Moreover, they are easy to clean and are designed in a very attractive aesthetic.

Why choose commercial cookers?

They are a smart long-term investment for any type of establishment in the hospitality sector, whether for restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, pastry shops, bars, pizza restaurants, etc. They provide greater control of temperature and heat distribution thanks to the convection system.

Professional cookers, both gas and electric, custom-made models such as the different ranges of modular cookers and large production units, are highly durable and robust thanks to the technology and engineering used by Fagor Professional. They are highly productive and efficient for restaurants and hotels where the capacity to prepare dishes means significant time savings.

These cookers improve energy efficiency in the hospitality businesses where they are used. There is no doubt that the decision to buy one of these cookers for restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses is the right one.


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