Fagor Professional refrigerated cabinets offer professionals a wide range of solutions to preserve produce across the most varied needs of use, thus responding to every market demand.

The unique breadth of range on the market includes cabinets with different dimensions for the standards used in the hospitality sector (GN, Snack, Pastry, Fish) in addition the different options available in the Advance and Concept ranges. The wide range of commercial refrigeration cabinets is composed of positive temperature models that are manufactured with stainless steel doors and glass doors, and negative temperature for frozen preservation. Other models are also offered which include useful drawers or storage departments separate from the rest of the cabinet.

A whole range of features that guarantee the professional a robust and ergonomic product, which is functional and easy to clean inside and offers excellent value for money.

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What are refrigerated cabinets for the hospitality industry?

Refrigerated cabinets or commercial refrigerators for the hospitality industry are kitchen appliances for storing food in large quantities that use refrigeration to ensure optimum food preservation.

The commercial refrigerated cabinet can operate with two refrigeration systems, ventilated or static. The former uses fans to distribute the cold evenly and the latter generates the cooling in the shelves and walls.

General features of commercial refrigerated cabinets

One of the main features to consider is the size and capacity of the interior. The commercial refrigerated cabinet is available in a wide range of sizes, from small refrigerated cabinets to large multi-door commercial refrigerated cabinets with capacities ranging from 40 litres to 1,500 litres.

Other technical features of the refrigerated cabinets for the hospitality industry are the power and the operating temperature they reach, the higher the power, the higher the consumption. Temperature is very important, as there are models with positive temperatures to preserve or refrigerate food, models with negative temperatures to freeze food and preserve it for a longer period of time, and mixed models comprising the two previous models in a single appliance.

The relationship between the need or benefit of the commercial refrigerator and its price will depend to a large extent on the above-mentioned features.

Why choose a commercial refrigerated cabinet from Fagor Professional?

At Fagor we have many years of experience in the manufacture and sale of commercial refrigerators and we are always committed to innovation in order to offer you products that meet your expectations, which is why they have features that make the commercial refrigerator very robust and ergonomic appliance that is also functional and easy to clean inside, with an excellent price-quality ratio for the commercial refrigerator.

Fagor Professional offers a wide range of solutions for food preservation, with different dimensions for the standards used in the catering sector (gastronomy, Snack, Pastry, Fish) and with different options. The wide range of refrigerated cabinets includes positive temperature commercial refrigerators for the hospitality industry with stainless steel and/or glass doors and negative temperature models for frozen food storage.

In our catalogue you will find the best refrigerated cabinets for the hospitality industry (restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, pastry shops, bars, pizzerias, etc).

The Fagor Professional commercial refrigerator  has been designed with the professional chef in mind. As a result of our experience as Europe's leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration, the GLOBE generation was born, a range that stands out for being robust and ergonomic on the outside and functional and easy to clean on the inside.

Exterior features of the GLOBE generation

  • Functional and intuitive electronic control for the control of the different options such as temperature regulation.

  • Protection against dust and water as well as increased protection against dirt and shocks.

  • Optional pedal-operated door opening for comfortable access to the interior when your hands are full.

  • Automatic closing and locking mechanism helps to increase convenience when loading and unloading the unit.

  • Ergonomic handles, with a comfortable and accessible grip surface that also avoids possible knocks.

  • Easy maintenance access thanks to refrigerated cabinets with hinged top panel.

Interior features of the GLOBE generation

  • Recessed slides for easy cleaning in the cabinets, which also increase storage flexibility.

  • Interior lighting is provided by LED lights, strategically positioned at the front of the ceiling. They help to save energy by not adding heat to the interior and by their lower consumption.

  • All interior components are removable for easy cleaning.

  • All refrigeration have an integrated drain to discharge the waste water that is produced inside the machine.

  • For easy cleaning, the floors have one-piece rounded edges.

In hospitality businesses, maintaining the quality of food is a priority, which is why the new generation of GLOBE refrigeration incorporates technology that allows food to be preserved for longer with the lowest energy consumption.

At Fagor Professional we have the right refrigerated cabinet for every need of the kitchen professional. We offer two ranges of cabinets to meet the different requirements of users, always offering the guarantee that endorses us as manufacturers. These two ranges are ADVANCE and CONCEPT, characterised mainly by:

  • Increased insulation thickness to prevent the unit from leaking cold.

  • Multiflow air circulation system that guarantees a balanced and constant distribution throughout the unit, so that the temperature remains uniform.

  • ECO function. A function that optimises our machines so that they only operate when necessary.

  • State-of-the-art components to reduce energy consumption and achieve greater efficiency.

  • Zero Impact. In addition to reduced refrigerant charge, compressor efficiency is increased and noise levels are minimised.

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