Vacuum packers


The constant evolution of culinary techniques requires reliable conservation and elaboration systems that use technological innovations. 
The new generation of industrial packaging machines is extremely precise thanks to the sensor control and Busch pumps, the undisputed leader of vacuum pumps, which are known for their reliability and quality. 
The new professional vacuum packers by Fagor Industrial make it possible to increase the shelf life of foods, preserving their aroma and organoleptic qualities, as well as broadening cooking possibilities and optimising culinary processes.

Food preservation and protection are two processes of utmost importance for any hospitality venue. For this purpose, a good professional vacuum packing machine is an indispensable element that plays an important role in the kitchens of restaurants, pizzerias, bars, take-away food shops and a long list of other businesses. Professional vacuum packing machines are one of the best allies in any industrial kitchen.

The packaging process consists of removing the air from the inside of a container, normally designed in some type of plastic material, with the aim of extending the shelf life and preservation of the food or product. The aim of vacuum packing is to preserve food without altering its nutritional values, texture or taste, which usually requires precise, high-quality machines.

At Fagor Professional we have designed a new range of industrial vacuum packing machines ideal for any type of business thanks to their excellent prices. For the design of this range of kitchenware, we have carefully followed and taken into account the constant evolution of culinary techniques and the latest advances in preservation systems in order to design a modern product that meets the requirements of professionals in the sector.  

Thanks to the Busch vacuum pumps, the market leader in this type of professional vacuum pump, the new generation of Fagor Professional vacuum packing machines is absolutely precise and of the highest quality, offering the greatest safety to any professional in the sector.

Our industrial vacuum packing machines make it possible to increase the shelf life of food by preserving its qualities and aroma, thus extending the possibilities of being cooked and optimising the whole culinary process.

Busch pumps provide a drying programme system that significantly extends the service life of the packing machine. They also have an operating hours counter system that allows professionals to know at all times when it is time to change the internal oil for optimum performance.

In addition to this, the professional vacuum packing machines have a high precision microprocessor that controls the desired vacuum percentage for each product in the packing chamber, thus allowing precise and effective results to be obtained in each and every one of the packages without depending on the type or quantity of product being packed.

Another feature of Fagor Professional's vacuum packing machines is that they extend the shelf life of both raw foods (sausages or fresh meat) and cooked foods, without loss of weight, without drying out and without mixing flavours or smells.


All this, together with the quality of the materials used in the vacuum packing machines in our catalogue, and the durability and resistance required by the tools used in hospitality businesses, make them the ideal complement for your business. High-end machinery is not only necessary, it is mandatory in this type of business in order to provide excellent customer service.



Design and maintenance


Fagor Professional's range of vacuum packing machines have a modern design following the latest market trends. They are made of stainless steel, with no sharp edges, and rounded edges for ease of use and easy cleaning.


Thanks to their innovative design and the materials used in their assembly, they are equipped with a cable-free sealing bar to minimise any risk.


All the packing machines in the Fagor Professional range are equipped with a digital control panel for better control and simpler use. In addition, the vacuum process is controlled by a sensor equipped with a high-precision microprocessor to provide the user with precise information on when the packaging has reached the indicated point. With this system, unnecessary adjustments or possible faults in the packing process are avoided.


They are easy to maintain thanks to the tilting opening system that allows easy and ergonomic access to all parts. This reduces maintenance costs and the difficulty of maintaining it. It also has audible and visual oil change alarms. 

Advantages of a professional vacuum packing machine


The main benefit of having a packing machine of this type is to protect the packaged products, preserving all their properties in the best way possible in order to extend their shelf life without changing their flavour or texture and to be able to cook them when necessary. In addition, thanks to the absence of oxygen produced by the vacuum, the possibility of micro-organisms and any type of bacteria growing in the preserved food is prevented. 

Another important advantage is the time saving for cooks and kitchen professionals in general, as a larger quantity of product can be purchased and uncooked leftovers can be preserved thanks to the industrial vacuum packing machine. This also makes it easier to have packaged product to fall back on at a busy time and save you from a rush or unexpected workload.

With a good professional packing machine, any business can preserve their products and keep them in excellent quality so that their customers will always appreciate the quality of their products. 

Which products to pack?

Meat and its derivatives being the most common product to be submitted to the packing process with our packing machines, it must be said that any product is suitable to be preserved by means of a vacuum process.

It is curious to see how the meat changes colour when it is packed as a result of the lack of oxygen, but this does not mean that it goes bad or that it loses quality or flavour. It should be noted that it is the only foodstuff to which something like this happens.

Cooked dishes are also often packed regularly, as this process can preserve their quality and flavour over a long period of time. Sausages; hams, chorizo, salami are another type of food that is very commonly packed and can be kept in perfect condition.   

Why choose our professional vacuum packing machines?

Acquiring an industrial vacuum packing machine at excellent prices is a smart investment in the medium and long term in any type of hospitality sector, whether for restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, patisseries, bars, pizzerias, etc.

They provide greater safety in the preservation of foodstuffs and ingredients to be used, as well as processed products. 

There is no doubt that the decision to buy a vacuum packing machine at a good price and choosing the one that best suits the needs of your business is the right decision.

At Fagor Professional we are specialists in what we manufacture, offering a guarantee on our products using advanced technology and the latest innovations on the market, using ecological materials and trying to reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption of all our products. 

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