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Our industrial washers provide the highest G Force on the market for minimum residual moisture and lower energy costs during the drying cycle. (available in low, medium, or high speed).

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High spin washing machines
G FORCE = 350/450/500
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Normal spin washing machines
G FORCE = 150/200

A solution for every customer.

Why choose a commercial washer?

At Fagor Professional we offer industrial washer in which all types of garments can be washed. Our commercial washers have a large capacity for faster and more effective washing.

One of the most widely used household appliances in the world is the washing machine, whether in the home or in the hospitality industry. Some examples would be restaurants, hospitals, hotels, country houses, bakeries, bars, nursery schools, halls of residence, etc.

The main difference between an industrial washer and a normal household washing machine lies in the load capacity, which is greater in the industrial one. For example, a 20 kilogram industrial washer would be for an industrial laundry, while an 8 kg washing machine would be for the home.

You can choose between the different models of commercial washers and their various functionalities that best suit your needs. Our commercial washers’ models adapt to the size and capacity needs of the production volume of your establishment.

A commercial washer like those in our catalogue, can make all the difference in your business, as it is equipped to handle large quantities of laundry at a professional level, being resistant, robust, and very fast.

We offer all this, together with the quality of the materials, the durability and resistance that hotel and catering businesses need, as top-of-the-range machinery is not only necessary, but obligatory in this type of business to be able to offer an excellent service.

Its finishes, with worktops made of stainless steel, in addition to a beautiful design, offer great comfort and manageability for the workflow. 

We specialise in the manufacture of commercial washers. We offer a guarantee on our products with advanced technology that reduces consumption and speeds up wash times with high capacity. We also manufacture commercial washers created to provide solutions to the diverse design and functionality needs of kitchen professionals.

We offer some of the highest power and performance on the market, and all of this with the highest standards of quality for the most demanding professionals. They are designed and prepared for intensive daily work. They are the perfect solution for any type of hospitality business, whether it be restaurants, hospitals, hotels, country houses, bakeries, bars, nurseries, halls of residence, etc.

Which industrial washer should you choose?

It is important when choosing which industrial washer to buy to know the brand that manufactures it. At Fagor Professional we have extensive experience in the manufacture of industrial washer.

A Fagor Professional commercial washer is a guarantee of quality. You will know that you are getting the best possible technology, given the hard work and professionalism of the people involved in the process of creating a machine with a high load capacity and high productivity.

Semi-industrial washing machines

Semi-industrial washer is a variant of industrial washing machines with a slightly smaller load. They are designed for medium-volume work environments. They are widely used in small environments such as schools, kindergartens, country houses, small hotels, hairdressing salons, etc.

Industrial or professional washer are manufactured with a central drum with a series of holes through which the water circulates. In this type of top-loading washing machine we can distinguish between those with a drum and a vertical load, and those with a drum and a horizontal load.

Benefits of industrial washer

The detergents used in this industrial washer are less aggressive for the clothes, as they leave hardly any residue in the washing machine, making the machines less prone to breakdowns.

This type of detergent is more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and drying times are considerably reduced, avoiding shrinkage and deterioration of materials.

Professional or industrial washers are designed to increase productivity, with wash cycles that keep water and electricity consumption as energy efficient as possible to improve value for money.

Industrial washer can wash large quantities of laundry and are designed for long life, some with a capacity of up to 50 kilos. At Fagor Professional we know that technology is fundamental, and our models’ incorporate systems that facilitate its use both in self-service areas and in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, country houses, bakeries, bars, kindergartens, halls of residence, etc.

In the hotel and catering industry, whether in a restaurant or in a country house, all the laundry can be washed at once in an industrial washer with a significant saving of energy and detergent, in a single wash cycle.

The savings are considerable, as reducing the number of washes also reduces the amount of electricity, litres of water used and the amount of soap used, helping to improve sustainability and environmental conservation. Find out about the price of industrial washers.

Which businesses need an industrial washer?

In all those businesses or services that have many employees with uniforms, tablecloths, napkins, sheets, etc., it is necessary to use at least one industrial washing machine.

In catering, for tablecloths, napkins, kitchen uniforms, aprons, tea towels. In nursing homes and hospitals, for bed linen, medical gowns, operating uniforms and operating sheets, nurses' uniforms.

In hotels it is important to have a more than 10kg industrial washer. It is essential to have a more than 12 kg industrial washer for bed linen, towels, bathrobes, tablecloths, napkins, staff uniforms. For large companies where overalls, lab coats, uniforms must be washed...

Small hotels or country houses with several rooms often have real problems with laundry; the solution is to install a small semi-industrial washing machine and an ironer for ironing towels, sheets, and large garments.

Fagor Professional is dedicated to the sale of industrial washing machines. Check the best price for industrial washers for laundry offered by Fagor Professional and buy an industrial washing machine that best suits the needs of your business.

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