Front loading dishwashers


The front loading dishwashers are specifically designed for the catering sector and can be installed under the counter. Perfectly suited to the needs of restaurants, bars and cafes for the reliable and simple washing of dishes, cutlery and glassware.

The front loading dishwashers from Fagor Professional are based on the EVO Generation idea to create a single base body that contains benefits across its three ranges and by selecting the appropriate technology to meet the needs of each segment. Thus, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet the requirements of different users.



Useful internal height of 380 mm that facilitates the insertion of GN-1/1 trays.
Weighted door with stainless steel hinges and a double spring.
Single stamped tank with rounded edges. No sharp elements.
Reduced capacity tank that allows significant water and energy savings.

At Fagor Professional we have developed a wide variety of dishwashers for professional and commercial use, which we have divided into three ranges, according to the types of equipment that best suit the needs and preferences of each professional in the hospitality and catering sector.

In this section you will find front loading dishwashers, machines specially designed for the various hospitality businesses and well suited to be placed under the counter of any establishment. Ideal for the needs of cafés, bars or restaurants, for cleaning glasses, cups, cutlery and all types of crockery quickly and reliably.

Front loading dishwashers 

Conceived within the broader EVO Generation dishwasher concept, based on the idea of creating a single base body with common benefits for all three ranges: E-VO Advance, E-VO Concept Plus y E-VO Concept.

For these models, the most appropriate technology has been selected to meet the different needs of each segment. In this way, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of different users by responding to their different requirements, adapting front loading dishwashers to different cases and always offering products of the highest quality.

Reliability and Convenience in washing

Fagor Professional front loading dishwashers are synonymous with quality in the kitchen of any business, providing a professional guarantee in the daily work of washing cookware.

One of its main features is its large washing capacity with the possibility of choosing different cycles according to the degree of soiling of the items inserted, thus being able to adapt to the different production requirements of a professional kitchen.

All front loading dishwashers in these ranges, designed by our technicians after listening to the needs and preferences of various professionals, come equipped with 50x50 cm commercial dishwasher racks, which complement the optimal washing capacity of these types of front loading dishwashers to make them competitive in the professional market.

Moreover, they have a simple and intuitive interface that makes them very easy to use for any type of professional in the sector. Equipped with electronic control and temperature display, their various functions and error messages make these models the ideal complement for any type of bar, restaurant or business in hospitality and similar sectors.

The Advance range is conceived and designed for simple, uncomplicated use and easy maintenance, always using the latest technology in its operation and in its different wash programmes, offering different functions and maximum wash quality using technologies such as self-drain, which makes it possible to keep the water tank cleaner for longer, thus saving energy, and self-cleaning, which helps to prevent bad smells in the machine while extending its working life.

The front loading dishwashers in the Concept range are designed for those who believe that technology and simplicity can go hand in hand. A range that offers efficient, user-friendly products designed for intensive use, combining multiple benefits and functions to deliver the highest quality.

Finally, the Concept Plus range is the most demanding and efficient of all, offering, thanks to Effi-Wash and Effi-Rinse technologies, highly effective and competent washing and rinsing even in the most difficult situations, such as installations with low water pressure and high demands, where it is the perfect ally.

Fagor Professional dishwasher ranges are designed, as we have seen, for versatile and convenient use by professionals, without them having to make great efforts to load or unload them, but at the same time offering a guarantee of effective and fast washing to be able to work at a good pace so that the investment in a front loading dishwasher is something that offers a good return and good service to any professional who chooses a model of this type.

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