Ironing and folding


The industrial ironers from Fagor Professional are designed to give the best performance and productivity with truly remarkable energy efficiency and time savings, and their simple operation make maintenance costs practically non-existent.

The quality of flatwork ironing with our machines is renowned by users and valued as one of their most significant notable aspects. We offer a wide range of ironers for flatwork, from small wall ironers, through to flatwork ironers that dry as well as iron, all the way to compact flatwork ironers.

The compact flatwork ironing models with longitudinal and transversal folder and stacker offer huge flexibility to be able to suit any type of space and usage.

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Wall ironers
Designed for small businesses
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Wall flatwork Ironers Ø 200 y Ø 325
The latest features and technology at your service
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Flatwork ironers of Ø 500 y Ø 650
Larger productions in the same space
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Chest flatwork ironers
The answer to your most demanding needs
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Compact flatwork Ironers
High performance and occupies minimum space with specially compacted design
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