Form finishers


•    Challenge: Flawless coats, jackets and dresses
•    Challenge: Sleeved jackets and clothing
•    Challenge: Perfect shirts
•    Challenge: Trouser folds

Why choose a form finisher machine?

Fagor Professional form finishers are the perfect solution for every challenge.

  • The challenge of impeccable coats and dresses

  • The challenge of jackets and sleeved garments

  • The challenge of perfect shirts

  • The challenge of pleated trousers

Form finishers are used for what their name suggests, making this task much easier, so much so that they have become a must-have for some consumers and businesses.

The industrial form finishers have been designed to achieve fully automated working cycles, with adjustable steaming and blowing times, while the shoulders and cover of the form finisher is adjustable.

With these you can optimise production, as they are set up to dry and iron at the same time.

Specially designed for dry cleaners and professional laundries, with a form finisher machine you will be able to perfect the level of finishing in your laundry.

Which form finisher machine should you choose?

Form finishers have become the best solution for those who want their clothes to look as good as new. But good ironing takes time, especially for more delicate garments such as trousers, jackets, and shirts.

That is why Fagor Professional offers you different models of professional finishing equipment; industrial form finishers, each with its corresponding functionality and characteristics: one for coats, jackets and dresses, another for ironing sleeved garments, another for shirts and, lastly, for ironing trousers.

In the Fagor Professional catalogue you will find the best form finishers at best price, which will enable you to distinguish yourself from other businesses by the finish of the garment. Choose the form finisher for your business that best suits your needs.

Benefits of a professional finishing equipment

One of the main benefits of a Fagor Professional form finisher is its simple and practical operation and the time saving it offers. As well as a spectacular result for the garments.

It is a very functional laundry appliance, as it has a 360º turning radius. These form finishers dry and iron clothes in a matter of minutes, thus reducing cycle times.

It should be noted that it has an automatic tensioner for sleeved garments (jackets, for example), in addition to the shoulder opening and the form finisher's sleeve being adjustable, which makes it fit the garment better, ensuring a perfect result.

They are equipped with a timer, so that the working cycles are fully automated with the regulation of the steaming and drying times by means of an electronic card and a digital display.

Which businesses need a form finisher?

If you have a business in the textile industry or the catering sector, run a hotel or have a service company such as a dry cleaner's, don't waste any more time and decide now to acquire one of these latest generation form finishers at best price.

With a Fagor Professional form finisher in your business, you can offer quality solutions that make a difference.

Your dry cleaner's customers will be more than satisfied with the results you can offer with the form finishers for shirts, jackets, trousers, dresses, etc.

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