As specialists in ovens and refrigeration, Fagor Professional presents the perfect Cook & Chill solution, which combines ovens and blast chillers to optimise the work, performance, effectiveness and productivity of a professional kitchen.



Soft cycle (standard) - 90 minutes

This cycle is suitable for soft, light or delicate food which is small in size or volume.


Hard cycle (intensive) - 90 minutes

It is suitable for high density or heavy produce, as well as for preparing food for packaging.



Soft cycle (standard) - 240 minutes

This cycle uniformly freezes the produce making it suitable for foods which must not be subject to sudden changes in temperature, or which contain a variety of ingredients.


Hard cycle (intensive) - 90 minutes

It is the perfect cycle for freezing semi-finished dishes. It is also suitable for raw produce. It facilitates the stocking of frozen produce over a long period of time, which can be used over the course of the year.

Our cook & chill solutions


At Fagor Professional we have created the Cook & Chill range as the ideal solution for any type of professional kitchen. A line of products that combines ovens with vacuum packers and blast chillers with the aim of facilitating the work and productivity of kitchen professionals and hospitality businesses.

Our professionals have designed commercial kitchen units that adapt in size and capacity to the needs of different business models and workloads, always bearing in mind the professionals in the sector and seeking their professional well-being.

Always thinking about improving the way the chef or the various professionals work, we have taken into account different factors to achieve the most comfortable and functional ergonomics possible.

Every detail has been taken into account with the aim of reducing unnecessary movements, improving safety in the kitchen and facilitating daily work. The door opening system has been optimised, taking into account the direction in which the doors open to make the different spaces more accessible, and various elements have been adjusted in height. All of this, in dialogue with professionals and taking into account their opinion, as they are our best customers and our best guarantee.

In addition to being functional and practical, our Cook & Chill solutions are designed with state-of-the-art materials to keep energy consumption as low as possible and to contribute effectively to environmental protection, ensuring the quality of our materials, the designs we produce and the products we offer our customers.

With attractive designs and clean lines, our Cook & Chill ovens are made mainly of stainless steel. We offer the right solution for any business that wants to offer the best to its customers with state-of-the-art materials.

These kitchen solutions consist of a blast chiller, an oven with an commercial cook & chill system and a vacuum packer, so that the entire cooking and packaging process can be carried out in a single common space.

The combined use of ovens and blast chillers makes it possible to be more efficient in the kitchen, making it possible to programme the work in the kitchen, being able to organise the preparation and preservation of different foods and dishes. By combining the correct use of these cooking tools with the Cook & Chill solutions, we manage to generate less waste, save time and preserve the products with all their properties and in a perfect degree of quality to be served always at the right moment.

The Cook & Chill oven solutions also stand out for their user-friendliness. They have a central control panel that allows you to control all their functions and combine them for greater efficiency and better management of the entire Cook & Chill process.

A totally intuitive and visual control panel adapted for all types of users and for different needs depending on the type of dish or food to be prepared. In addition, we have a wide range of accessories for Cook & Chill ovens that will make your daily work easier.

Adaptable and easy to clean, this range of kitchen machines is the ideal solution to optimise work and productivity in any professional environment. Choose this range of kitchens for your business and you will notice the difference.  A smart, long-term investment suitable for all variants of the hospitality sector, whether for restaurants, bars, hotels, country houses, pizzerias, etc.

At Fagor Professional we are specialists in what we manufacture, offering a total guarantee on the designs made with advanced technology, reducing consumption and speeding up the cooking and preservation processes, making them suitable for any type of hospitality establishment.

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