Wrapping machine

Wall or stand-mounted wrappers for shirts and trousers, and L sealer for garments and terry clothes, special for laundry. 

Why choose a wrapping machine?

Fagor Professional offers you the ideal laundry clothes packing machine for your commercial laundry business.

We have two models of laundry clothes packing machine, a wall-mounted wrapping machine especially for shirts and trousers and a table-top wrapping machine for smooth and terry clothes.

All laundry clothes packing machine are ideal for laundry and dry-cleaning businesses. It is a laundry accessory that streamlines the wrapping process and therefore reduces production time.

The laundry wrapping machine is used in the final stage of the order preparation process in dry-cleaning laundries and industrial laundries.

The bagging machines for laundries for sale that Fagor Professional has, are idealIt is the ideal machine for keeping garments in perfect condition.

Which laundry bagging machine should you choose?

When selecting a clothes wrapping machine, it is important to know the brand. Fagor Professional has extensive experience in the manufacture and marketing of laundry products. From equipment for washing, drying, ironing and folding to auxiliary accessories for your laundry that offer optimal transport of washed and ironed linen.

Moreover, we work continuously to offer you the latest trends and innovations.

In the Fagor Professional catalogue you will find the equipment you need to bag efficiently.

We offer wall-mounted wrapping machines for shirts and trousers, especially for dry cleaners, and table-top wrapping machines for plain and terry linen, especially for laundries. The latter is manually and semi-automatically operated by the sealing arm.

Fagor Professional has different bagging machine for laundries for sale. Choose the laundry bagging machine that best suits your business needs.

Which businesses need a clothes wrapping machine?

Clothes wrapping machines are ideal for businesses where large quantities of clothes are handled.

Once washed, dried, and ironed, a laundry bagging machine can be used to bag the garments to help keep them in the same condition, preventing them from getting dirty during storage or shipping to shops. 

It is therefore ideal for the final packaging of processed linen in businesses of all types: dry cleaners (wall-mounted wrapping machines) or small laundries (fully manual table-top wrapping machines).

In dry cleaners, for wrapping suits and dresses, as well as other types of garments.

And bagging machine for laundry, for wrapping pressed linen of all types, plain linen and terry linen.

The Fagor Professional bagging machine for laundries and dry cleaning facilitates the packaging and labelling process, reducing production time.

With a Fagor Professional bagging machine for laundries for sale, we ensure the packaging and protection of your products.

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