In the catering sector certain foods require special attention when it comes to preserving and presenting them. That is why at Fagor Professional we offer a wide range of refrigerated display cabinets.


At Fagor Professional we offer display cabinets designed exclusively for these products.


Interior stainless steel tray with embedded bottom suitable for GN 1/3 cuvettes (40 mm bottom) and accessible by a sliding glass door. The equipment has a built-in drain for wastewater evacuation.


Due to our environmental policy we reduce the energy consumption of our devices to the maximum by incorporating LED lighting.


We have different sizes and different forms of glass (flat or curved in a single piece).


The display cabinets specially designed to display sushi, have a static cooling system with double evaporation system integrated in the lower tray and attached to the curved glass cover. It allows us to generate an optimum working temperature (-1 ºC to 2 ºC) to preserve delicate foods such as sushi.


Internal tray embedded in stainless steel, perforated and ready receive the sushi dishes directly. The interior is accessible through a sliding glass door.


We include an emergency drain for wastewater evacuation making them one of the most hygienic on the market.


Due to our environmental policy we reduce the energy consumption of our devices to the maximum by incorporating LED lighting.


In the hospitality sector, the display cabinet has become an indispensable piece of equipment, especially in bars and restaurants. In addition to bars and restaurants, refrigerated display cabinets, are also increasingly used in other businesses in the catering sector, such as pizzerias, hotels and hostels, cafés, ice-cream parlours, patisseries, etc...

What is a display cabinet?

A display cabinet is the appliance responsible for preserving food products, whether fresh or cooked, at low temperatures, by refrigerating them, with the aim of keeping them in the best possible condition until they are ready for consumption.

Which businesses today use refrigerated display cabinets?

Nowadays they are indispensable appliances in hospitality businesses, to keep food products at the best temperature, and they are highly recommended in many other businesses, such as supermarkets, which are increasingly using these appliances. Maintaining the right temperature can be key in many businesses, which is why from among all the appliances on the market, you need to choose the most suitable cold display cabinets for your business, such as Fagor Professional's refrigerated display cabinet solutions.

Not only does the catering sector make use of these machines, supermarkets with take-away dishes, sushi shops, patisseries and ice cream parlours are examples of companies that use this type of equipment, as well as large buffet-style canteens in companies, schools, etc. The sale of display cabinets in other types of businesses is increasing every day.

Cold display cabinets, which one do I need?

When it comes to buying a display cabinet, at Fagor Professional we have a range of cold display cabinets specifically designed to keep food products at the right temperature.

The temperature must be adjusted according to the type of food, dishes or beverages displayed in both small and large refrigerated display cabinets. Care should also be taken to separate some foods from others, such as not storing fresh fruit with baked goods. The temperature setting should depend on the food being stored, for example, the recommended temperature for pastry products is not the same as for tapas or pintxos with products such as cheese or meat, nor will it be the same as the recommended temperature for products such as sushi, where it will be lower.

We have to bear in mind that hygiene rules must also be complied with, as failure to do so may result in severe penalties. For example, certain types of food cannot be mixed, which is why Fagor Professional has several different types of refrigerated display cabinet.

Taking all of the above into account, Fagor Professional offers the following solutions:

  • Display cabinets for tapas.

  • Display cabinets for sushi.

  • Chilled cabinets for ingredients.

Why choose the Fagor Professional display cabinet?

In the market you can find different models and prices, you can buy cheap display cabinets but the price of a display cabinet depends on many factors and it is important when selecting and choosing which device you are going to buy to know the brand. At Fagor Professional we have extensive experience in the manufacture of these appliances, and the Fagor Professional brand is a guarantee of quality, so you know you are getting the best possible quality.

Fagor Professional also offers different solutions, according to the use that is going to be made of the appliance.

The display cabinets for tapas, have been designed with the user in mind, which is why we have different sizes and different shapes of glass (flat or curved in one piece). In addition, due to our policy of preserving the environment, we reduce the energy consumption of our appliances as much as possible by incorporating LED lighting.

We care about your comfort and that is why it incorporates an interior stainless steel tray with a recessed bottom designed to receive GN 1/3 trays (40 mm deep) and accessible through a sliding glass door. The units are equipped with a built-in drain for waste water disposal, thus guaranteeing cleanliness.

As for the display cabinets for sushi, they are built with an inner tray made of stainless steel, perforated and prepared to directly receive the sushi plates. The interior is accessible through a sliding glass door.

Cleanliness is also important to us, which is why we incorporate an emergency drain for the removal of waste water, making them one of the most hygienic on the market.

Another model of countertop refrigerated display cabinet in the Fagor Professional catalogue is the refrigerated cabinet for ingredients, which incorporates its own refrigeration unit, providing total independence when it comes to choosing its location. It is the ideal complement to turn a cold counter into a complete workstation for the preparation of cold dishes, pizzas or sandwiches.


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