We offer special counters designed to prepare specific foods, including pizzas, salads, sandwiches, etc. We also offer the possibility of configuring tables tailored to the needs of each client, combining optional elements with our special tables.


700/800 Depth

We offer a series of granite topped counters with the possibility of positioning various ingredient cabinets on them, making them adaptable to each and every requirement.


By combining the granite topped counter with the various types of ingredient cabinets, you have a comprehensive preparation counter tailored to the needs of the user.


The counter and ingredient cabinets have their corresponding independent refrigeration units, with their respective temperature controls.


700 Depth

Pizza counters have some specific elements that respond to the demands of a specific market category. At Fagor Professional we have developed this product with the purpose of satisfying each client.


It includes a 3 cm thick granite countertop 3 cm thick and sides and lateral backsplashes in granite (2 cm thick and 9 cm high).


700 mm bottom table with capacity for GN 1/1 containers and 400 x 600 mm pastry trays.


Central evaporator to optimise the distribution through the interior of the table even when the equipment has been loaded with food. This design allows the working temperature of the equipment to be between 0 ºC to 8 ºC in the equipment and from 4 ºC to 10 ºC in the container area.


Glass covered with container area with capacity to accommodate GN1 / 4 cuvettes and 150 mm deep for food exposure. Capacity for 6 and 8 cuvettes (table 2 and 3 doors respectively).


700 Depth

Pizza counters have some specific elements that respond to the demands of a specific market category. At Fagor Professional we have developed this product with the purpose of satisfying each client.


We offer a refrigerated counter and ingredient cabinet in a single piece of furniture, providing the user with a complete and economical solution for their needs.


The refrigeration unit in the refrigerated counter also provides the cold needed by the top display cabinet for ingredients.


The ingredients unit together with the work space facilitates the cleaning of the area.


700 Depth

At Fagor Professional we offer two small compact salad tables with many built-in benefits, for smaller work areas.


The EMEP / CMEP-100 model includes an ideal polyamide table for the preparation of sandwiches. Being removable facilitates cleaning ensuring hygiene and food safety. The EMEP / CMEP-100 G has granite countertops, being a small table ideal for preparing pizzas.


The two versions of saladettes have an ​​ingredients area with the capacity to accommodate different distributions of GN cuvettes on the work surface. The EMEP / CMEP-100 includes a flip cover that allows you to keep food cooler. The EMEP / CMEP-100 G has a glass back cover to protect the ingredients area.

What is a preparation counter in the hospitality industry and what is it used for?

Preparation counters enable products to be well sorted and well preserved, thanks to the display cabinets placed at the top, which improves productivity and the final quality of the product.

Features of refrigerated counters for pizza

The stainless steel food preparation counter is an ideal complement for different areas of the hospitality industry such as restaurants, bars, pizzerias, country houses, hotels, etc...

Preparation counters are designed to adapt to different types of hospitality businesses, especially those that prepare pizzas, sandwiches, fast food, etc... The great advantage they provide in this type of business is that the person preparing the food doesn't have to move continuously to look for the ingredients, they are right in front of them and they are kept fresh and hygienic all day long.

Each business has a different need, which is why there are different models, including pizza preparation counters or pizzeria counters (specifically designed for pizza preparation), cold counters for salads, pastry counters, and configurable preparation counters so that any business can adapt them to their needs.

In the preparation counter for pizza, the top of the counter of the refrigerator is used as a work surface to first process the dough and then add the toppings. These counters feature stainless steel and granite worktops, which prevent deterioration and facilitate cleaning. Both materials have the advantages of easy cleaning and resistance to high temperatures. Another advantage of granite is that it can help prevent the dough from sticking to the pizza counter, thus increasing productivity.

The counter for food preparation usually has built-in drawers or shelves for storage. At Fagor Professional we offer plastic-coated steel shelves that are easily removable for cleaning with height-adjustable guides.

The correct control of cooling is an important aspect to take into account, as proper cooling influences the quality and durability of the products.

Why choose a Fagor Professional preparation counter?

Fagor Professional presents a complete and advanced range of cold counters to provide the best solution for your business: cold counter for salads or salad counter for events, cold counter for pizza preparation and user-configurable preparation counters.

Compact counter for pizza

In a single unit, Fagor Professional offers the refrigerated counter and the display case for ingredients, providing the user with a complete and economical solution for their needs. The cold that the upper display case needs for ingredients is provided by the refrigeration unit of the counter, and, as it is a single piece of furniture, cleaning is easier.

The cold counter for pizza is available in two different models, one with a stainless steel worktop and the other in granite.


For smaller work areas, Fagor Professional offers two small, compact salad counters. The first includes a polyamide board for sandwich preparation which, being removable, facilitates cleaning and guarantees hygiene and food safety. The second has a granite worktop.

Configurable preparation counters

At Fagor Professional, by combining the granite worktop with different display cabinets for ingredients, the result is a complete tailor-made preparation counter for each user's needs. Both the counter and the ingredient display case incorporate independent refrigeration units, each with its own temperature controls.


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