Hood-type dishwashers


Commercial hood-type dishwashers, also known as dome dishwashers, are ideal for heavy use in restaurants and catering businesses. Hood-type dishwashers allow linear washing of the dishes at a comfortable working height, with the support of the prewash table and basket exit. Therefore, a perfectly coordinated washing process is achieved. The hood is lifted and a new basket is inserted, the hood is lowered while the machine does its job. The clean utensils can be collected once the hood is lifted to extract them and the next basket can be loaded.
The Hood-type dishwashers are based on the EVO Generation concept of creating a single base body that contains benefits across its three ranges and by selecting the appropriate technology to meet the needs of each segment. Thus, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet the requirements of different users.


440 mm hood opening which enables the insertion of large containers.
Counterbalanced grip which is easy to handle
Double upper and lower wash and rinse system.
Embedded washing tub which facilitates significant water and energy savings.
Optional heat recovery system that collects and condenses the vapours produced during washing and rinsing, boosting energy efficiency



Extensive range of entry, exit and prewash tables to provide solutions for every production requirement and space available.

¿Why a Fagor Professional hood-type dishwasher?

Hood-type dishwashers are very simple to use, easy to maintain, energy-saving and space-saving appliances that meet the highest hygiene standards. A single body with all the benefits and maximum technology that allows a linear washing of the dishes at a comfortable working height, simply lift the hood and insert the rack, and once the work is finished, lift it again and load the next rack, it's that simple. In addition, for those who are looking for the best as well as simplicity, these hood-type dishwashers are distinguished by their robustness and their technology, allowing, among other things, customisation of the wash programmes, as well as having, for example, self-cleaning and self-diagnosis to optimise maintenance.

In which business do you need a hood-type dishwasher? 

Hood-type dishwashers are specially designed for intensive use in restaurants and catering services. They are also highly recommended in the hospitality sector, in hotels, schools, company canteens, hospitals, residences, bars, country houses, pizzerias, etc...

Fagor Professional offers the best response to each of the needs of different businesses.

A high-performance solution from Fagor Professional

EVO GENERATION by Fagor Professional offers all the features and advantages of the highest-quality ranges to all market segments.

You can choose from the different ranges of hood-type dishwashers the one that best suits your needs. Our models adapt in size and capacity to the needs of the production volume of your establishment.

Fagor Professional has created a single base body that provides common benefits for its three ranges of commercial hood-type dishwashers. These three ranges are perfectly adapted to the specific needs of your hospitality business (bar, restaurant, cafeteria, pub, hotel, school, etc...) as they are smart, robust, efficient, made of high-quality materials, highly resistant durable and easy to use.

Advantages and features of Fagor Professional professional hood-type dishwashers

Fagor Professional offers three ranges of commercial hood-type dishwashers, three ranges that not only adapt to the specific needs of each customer (restaurants, bars, cafeterias, pubs, schools, hotels, etc.), but also create a smarter, more robust, efficient and, in turn, simpler product, thus revolutionising the world of dishwashing

With its three different ranges, E-VO ADVANCE, E-VO CONCEPT PLUS and E-VO CONCEPT, Fagor Professional covers the different market segments, from the most basic with the CONCEPT range to the most demanding with the ADVANCE range.

The E-VO CONCEPT range is a winning range in its category, combining benefits and functions that only the top ranges offer, making it a user-friendly and efficient product, with the most effective and robust technology ready for the most intensive use on the market.

The professional hood-type dishwashers in this range incorporate a double-walled body, and both the body and frame are made entirely of stainless steel to withstand the toughest use on the market. A generation that has evolved with a new hood design, new rack guides and a recessed wash tank. Fagor Professional is committed to this philosophy because it saves on cleaning time and therefore on daily maintenance costs, and at the same time increases the service life of the machine. Its hinge system is made of stainless steel and double springs, tested to withstand the most intense conditions on the market and to protect the user from steam burns. Its EFFI-WASH and MULTIPOWER systems stand out for, among other things, saving on the quantity of chemical products, minimising washing time and, if lower consumption is preferred, it can also be given priority.

The E-VO CONCEPT PLUS range offers a highly effective and efficient washing and rinsing system (EFFI-WASH y EFFI-RINSE), making it the perfect ally for installations with low water pressures and high demands. The EFFI-RINSE system guarantees a perfect hygienic result with a full linear rinse cycle at 85 ºC thanks to the built-in rinse pump and the design of the Air Break system. It also works at low inlet water pressure, making it the perfect system when the facility’s water network does not reach the minimum recommended pressure of 2 bar. Also noteworthy is the ECO FILL "thermostatic filling" system, which allows hood-type dishwashers to dramatically speed up the machine start-up time, as the wash tank is filled with hot water previously heated in the boiler.

The E-VO ADVANCE range of hood-type dishwashers meets all the requirements a professional dreams of: state-of-the-art technology, robustness, customisable wash programmes, functions such as self-cleaning and self-drain, as well as self-diagnostics to optimise maintenance times. This range brings simplicity and intelligence to a single multi-coloured button, making it easy for the operator while optimising operating costs thanks to its intuitive 3-colour code. It is a fully electronic machine: pressure detection, temperature detection, electrical and control system, automatic drainage, timer, etc. It allows the user to avoid having to wash by hand, because the machine does it by itself. It cleans the inner chamber with detergent and completely rinses and drains it, emptying all the water from the tank and the boiler. This prevents unpleasant odours and increases the service life of the machine. After each wash cycle, Auto-drain removes the dirty water from the wash tank just before the clean rinsing water reaches the dishes. This means that the tank is kept cleaner for longer, optimising operating costs thanks to the energy savings generated.

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