The Fagor Professional glasswashers range is characterised by its versatility and adaptability and is designed to wash small plates, glasses, cups and utensils.
Our professional glasswashers are only available in the Concept range and in two different basket sizes. Simple and reliable commercial glasswashers offer guaranteed professional results which are very simple and easy to use.


At Fagor Professional we have a wide range of commercial glasswashers in different models and formats, adapted to the needs of the hospitality and catering sector.

In our catalogue of professional glasswashers you will find modern appliances to wash all your commercial and professional kitchen ware. Versatile and adaptable appliances, designed to efficiently wash, glasses, cups, mugs, cutlery and a long etcetera of small kitchen items.

Our specialists have designed the Concept range of glasswashers following the latest market trends and using advanced technologies to achieve better washing and higher energy efficiency.

A range of reliable and convenient glasswashers for the hospitality industry, designed for professional results. It is simple and intuitive to use so that washing glasses, cups and mugs is a pleasant task for any hospitality professional.

Commercial glasswashers have a rack capacity of 40 x 40 cm or more compact 35 x 35 cm. Depending on the type of range chosen, they are ideal for any business that wants to keep its glasses and other items sparkling clean.

Glasswasher ranges conceived and designed within the E-vo generation created to make life easier for those who use and interact with these machines. With a natural and robust feel to the handles, an intuitive and user-friendly interface, direct accessibility to components and much more... it guarantees a simple and pleasant washing experience.

The whole world is in need of something that’s easy to use, easy to handle, easy to clean, easy to maintain and easy to repair.

The glasswashers in our catalogue are all equipped with electronic control and temperature display for easy management of the wash cycles.

On its control panel you can also see the different functions and errors thanks to its simple and intuitive digital interface for a fast and professional result. Being easy to use also makes everything faster.

This way, you can continue serving your customers without having to wait for the glasses and cups to cool down.

These ranges of glasswashers are designed to strike the right balance between the four factors that come into play in the life of any machine of this style: time, mechanics, temperature and chemistry, always seeking to obtain the best results in an appropriate period of time using the least amount of chemicals necessary while prolonging the life of the machine.

Concept Glasswashers Range

This range of glasswashers is designed so that technology and simplicity go hand in hand and offer the best results. These glasswashers are part of the EVO generation of commercial dishwashing and cleaning elements.

Our glasswashers are a commercial washing tool that responds to any aspect of the market, adapting to the specific needs of each customer (restaurants, bars, cafeterias, pubs, schools, hotels, etc.). It is a smarter, more robust, more efficient and yet more user-friendly product, revolutionising the world of washing.

This range of glasswashers for the hospitality industry uses Effi-wash, a hydraulic system that uses an intense mechanical action combined with the clean water in the tank and a balanced wash power to maintain a suitable hygienic temperature throughout the life of the machine, thus extending its service life. All of this while offering optimal and guaranteed productivity. An effective system that ensures one of the most important factors of Sinner's Circle: mechanical action. In addition, there are significant savings in the amount of chemicals used, and washing time is minimised.

Concept Plus Glasswashers Range

This advanced range of commercial glasswashers offers a highly effective and efficient wash and rinse system that is achieved by using the advanced Effi-wash and effi-rinse systems fine-tuned by our technicians to achieve outstanding wash and rinse performance. They are primarily intended to meet the needs of businesses and installations in locations with low mains pressures and high demands.    

Thanks to the innovative effi-rinse system, the Concept Plus range of advanced glasswashers for the hospitality industry achieves a perfect hygienic result by performing a complete linear rinse cycle at 85 ºC by means of the built-in rinse pump and the Air Break system design.

With low inlet water pressure, good results are also achieved, making this model of commercial glasswasher the perfect system when the system's water network does not reach the recommended minimum inlet water pressure of 2 bar.

At Fagor Professional we manufacture machines and components of the highest quality for demanding professionals who are always looking for the best in order to offer their customers quality products and good service. Our appliances are designed for easy use by the professionals who will be using them. That's why our designers are always listening to the advice and needs of different professionals in the hospitality industry and similar businesses, with whom they meet regularly to present possible innovations and gather their experiences and advice. 

Put a product from the Fagor Professional range in your business and you will notice the difference, your work will be more comfortable and efficient.

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