Wall ironers

Simple, reliable, robust and economical. The new range of wall ironers from Fagor Professional is the ideal choice for any type of establishment that does not require large outputs and for those where the level of investment it is an important factor. Easy to use, they are perfect for small quantities of flatwork in establishments such as restaurants, small hotels, hostels, etc. 

With electric heating, and in both roller diameter versions (180 and 250 mm) they need to pass through the dryer previously in order to reach the 20-25% moisture for optimum ironing quality. Their simple mechanism makes them reliable and durable, making them the most economical but safe option for a small laundry.

The new PLUS models allow the clothes to be fed with a slightly higher degree of humidity for improved production, thanks to the frecuency inverter, the extraction and standard Nomex ironing belts.

Wall-mounted and small in size, they can be located in very tight spaces and require hardly any installation as they do not have any type of exhaust or connection except to the electricity.

Why choose a wall ironer?

Fagor Professional's range of industrial wall ironers is the perfect choice for establishments that don't need high production rates. They are designed for the restaurant sector, small hotels, hostels, etc. For establishments with small quantities of garments.

Fagor Professional offers simple, reliable, and affordable wall ironers. They have in mind establishments where production isn't large, but where the level of investment is an important factor.

Their simple mechanism makes them reliable and durable, making this the most economical and safest option for a small laundry.

You can choose between the different commercial wall ironers and their various functions and features that best suit your needs.

An industrial wall ironer like the ones you can find in our catalogue will make a difference in your business, as they are designed to offer outstanding performance and productivity.

Which industrial wall ironer should you choose?

Before selecting and choosing a commercial wall ironer, it is important to know the brand that manufactured it. At Fagor Professional we have extensive experience in the manufacture of equipment for laundries and, of course, in the sale of industrial ironers.

A Fagor Professional wall ironer ensures you achieve the optimum ironing quality.

Benefits of an industrial wall ironers

Among the most important features of the wall ironers are ease of use, reliability, durability and size.

It is the ideal choice for establishments that have small quantities of flatwork garments, such as restaurants, small hotels, hostels, etc.

They are designed with front loading and removal of the garments. In addition, they are equipped with an electronic microprocessor that lets you control the ironing temperature of the machine in an easier, more precise and faster way.

When we talk about the reliability of the commercial wall ironer, we mean that they require almost no installation because they don't have any type of exhaust or connection except to the electric current. In addition, it is equipped with a safety hand guard.

Its simple mechanism makes it reliable and durable, making it the most economical but safest option for a small laundry. 

They are designed for small spaces, which is why they are small in size and wall-mounted. They can even be installed in very small spaces, as they require almost no installation, only connection to the mains.

At Fagor you can buy wall ironers.  Choose the industrial wall ironer that best suits your needs.

Which businesses need a commercial wall ironer?

It is the ideal ironer for a small business where the production isn't high.

They can be placed in establishments with limited space, such as restaurants, small hotels, hostels, etc.

In these establishments, the ironer can be used for ironing flat linen, such as bath towels, sheets, tablecloths, napkins, ...

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