Sanitary barrier washers


Installed between two different areas, it prevents any contact between dirty (contaminated) clothing and clean clothing, as well as any type of cross-contamination during the process. At the same time, its ergonomic design allows it to work efficiently, increasing production by a high percentage. 

Stringent health standards (RABC) require powerful machines with special washing processes in hospitals, pharmaceutical, nuclear and cosmetic industries, prisons, etc.

The Fagor sanitary barrier washer range is very extensive and stands out for its technology and features, high spin speed and easy installation. With capacities from 16 up to 100 kg, they are perfecting for adapting to the needs of this specific and demanding market.

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Industrial Sanitary Barrier Washers LMED range
G Force = 350 | 16 - 22 Kg
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Industrial Sanitary Barrier Washers LBS range
G Force = 375 | 27 - 35 - 50 - 70 Kg
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Industrial Sanitary Barrier Washers Pullman range
G Force = 325 | 100 kg

Power, control, and total decontamination.

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