Ozone cabinets


We present O3C, our new ozone cabinets specially designed to HYGIENIZE and DEODORIZE all kinds of clothing, accessories and materials using ozone in an effective way with total safety. A unique and effective professional solution, now at your fingertips.




Natural, safe, fast and effective hygiene without using chemicals.

Why choose an ozone cabinet?

If you wish to sanitise and deodorise all types of garments, accessories, and materials, we present O3C, the new ozone cabinets from Fagor Professional.

Ozone linen cabinets are designed for natural, safe, fast and effective sanitisation without chemicals.

Thanks to ozone, you can disinfect anything you want, even garments that can’t be washed in water, dry cleaned or ironed. In addition, you can eliminate unpleasant odours from tobacco, fire smoke, sweat, pets, cooking, mould, paint, etc.

Without a doubt, this is the ideal accessory for public businesses such as self-service laundries, in which helmets, hats, shoes, jackets, etc. can be disinfected and deodorised.

The OPL version is also available; for private businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, it is the perfect choice.

In restaurants: to disinfect and deodorise kitchen uniforms, tablecloths, napkins, etc.

In hotels: to sanitise and remove unpleasant odours from bed linen, bath towels, staff uniforms and more.

Which ozone cabinet for clothes should you choose?

Fagor Professional is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture, and marketing of industrial laundry equipment with many years of experience.

At Fagor Professional we have the best ozone desinfection cabinet. You can choose between the different models of ozone cabinets and the various features that best suit your needs.

Benefits of ozone cabinets for laundry

The Fagor Professional ozone cabinet for clothes is equipped with advanced features. It is designed to eliminate odour and sanitise all garments, accessories or materials that cannot be washed in a traditional laundry machine.

This laundry accessory is intended to clean garments and accessories in a natural and safe way, without chemicals.

Ozone is a colourless gas, or, in its liquid state, and depending on the temperature, it has a pale blue colour.  By its nature, it is a powerful oxidant and therefore has a high microbiocidal and deodorising capacity.

We have 3 capacities of ozone cabinets to disinfect clothes, so you can choose the one that best suits the space of your business. In addition, extra shelves can be added as an option to make it more ergonomic.

Its finishes and design, manufactured in skinplate with the option of colour, as well as the easily replaceable carbon filter, offer great comfort and manageability.

As for the safety of the ozone desinfection cabinet, they are equipped with an electromagnet-locked door, and there is no need for external ventilation.

Which businesses require an ozone cabinets for laundry?

Ozone for laundry are ideal for self-service laundries. Fagor Professional has ozone cabinets in both versions; self-service and OPL (industrial use). These models can be converted from self-service to industrial use, and vice versa.

For self-service laundries, ozone clothes cabinets are excellent, as these models can disinfect and remove odours from clothes, accessories and materials that cannot be disinfected in domestic washing machines. For example, helmets, hats, overalls, quilts, etc.

Ozone desinfection cabinet, for example in hotels and health care facilities, are a perfect solution for the removal of odours from bed linen and bedspreads. Pillows or cushions and curtains in the rooms can also be put in.

Choose the ozone generator cabinet that best suits your needs.

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