Utensilwashers are machines for washing pans, pots, kitchen receptacles, utensils, baking sheets and baskets with perfect washing results.


The LP series utensilwashers have a high load capacity and pressure, which makes them ideal for washing large utensils and guarantees optimum washing and hygiene results. Dried-on dirt in the most diverse utensils is the toughest test for a dishwasher, and that's why the LP series is your best ally when washing is a real challenge. Their high power and pressure make them especially suitable for restaurants, ice cream parlours and restocking. The LP series boasts various sizes of utensilwashers to offer the model that best suits the cleaning requirements of each facility.


In general, a clean and sanitised environment is essential for any business since it increases physical and mental well-being, and it is also essential in order for companies to carry out their activities, as it helps them to maintain a healthier and more productive environment.

In hospitality businesses, cleanliness can be even more important. In businesses such as bars, restaurants, cafés and hotels, cleanliness can be as important or even more important than the food that is served, as it is the first thing that customers will see when they arrive, and if both the environment and the utensils, crockery, etc. are seen as dirty, the business will not work well, as everything else (food, service, etc.) will be irrelevant to them.

Washing utensils is part of the cleaning and disinfection plan that every hospitality company should have, and the best way to do it is by means of a utensilwasher.

What is a utensilwasher and what is it for?

Utensilwashers are professional washing machines that have a large tank and baskets inside to wash large utensils such as pots, pans, kitchen containers, oven trays, racks, etc...

These machines must have a high load capacity and high power in order to be able to inject water under pressure and remove dirt from these large items. They are perfect for all types of businesses such as hospitality, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, patisseries, bars, pizzerias, etc.

Due to its large load capacity, the commercial utensilwasher is usually larger than other cleaning machines such as the dishwasher, the latter being intended for cleaning smaller utensils such as crockery and cutlery and therefore requiring less power and pressure.

Fagor Professional LP series utensilwasher

With Fagor Professional you can buy the ideal utensilwasher for your hospitality business. We have several different models, each with its own features. The best machine for washing large kitchen utensils can be found in the Fagor Professional catalogue.

With the machines that we at Fagor Professional offer for your kitchen, you will be able to wash all the utensils (oven trays, cooking containers, frying pans, pots and pans) which, due to their size and weight, cannot go in the normal dishwasher. As well as making it easier to wash all bulky items in the kitchen, this saves water and electricity, thus reducing the costs for the hospitality business and respecting the environment.

Features, performance and benefits

The professional utensilwasher in the LP series has a high load capacity and high pressure, guaranteeing optimum washing results and hygiene. Due to these features, they are particularly suitable for catering, ice cream parlours, full-service catering...

The LP series is designed for the washing of utensils and containers in hospitality kitchens, built with double 18/10 stainless steel walls to reduce noise and heat loss. The built-in tank has a stainless steel double filter.

For quick and easy use, thanks to the drain pump, the self-cleaning cycle is automatic, incorporating a thermostop system to rinse at the correct selected temperature, and from its electronic control panel you can select the washing cycles of two, four or six minutes, even a continuous wash of 12 minutes.

It incorporates stainless steel rotating wash arms with continuous changes of direction and various impact angles, guaranteeing an intense wash. The rinse pump guarantees perfect hygienic results and constant pressure control during rinsing. Detergent and rinse aid dispensers are included, as is the drain pump.

There is also an LP-ECO series with similar features to the LP series, except that it does not have a drain pump or built-in dispensers, does not have constant pressure control during rinsing and does not have a self-cleaning cycle. The wash cycles are also somewhat different, being two, four and eight minutes.

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