Industrial Steam Generators


To ensure that ironing boards and other ironing devices have the best quality steam, we offer industrial steam generators.

Why choose a laundry steam generator?

The Fagor Professional industrial steam generator for laundry is suitable for use with centralised machinery, e.g., dummies and finishing tables.

Fagor Professional's steam generators for industrial ironing reduce wrinkles to a minimum, achieving a level of finish that will leave you speechless. Steam is the essence of garment finishing.

To ensure that our finishing tables, dummies, and other finishing machines employ the highest quality steam, we offer industrial steam generators for laundry.

In the Fagor Professional catalogue you can find all the laundry steam generators and suction tables designed for dry cleaners, industrial or professional laundries, and other establishments. You can choose the professional laundry steam generator for your business that best suits your needs.

Which industrial steam generator should you choose?

Fagor Professional is a leader in laundry equipment. Along with our other product lines, you will find electric steam generators for steam production, with professional ironers and ironing tables.

At Fagor we have three different models: BETA-3, SIMA-MINI and MPA+BETA-3. Each has its own corresponding features, and you can add functional options in a way that best suits your business.

Look at our catalogue, where you can find our extensive range of reworking and finishing products and select the professional steam generator for laundry that best meets your needs.

Benefits of industrial steam generator

We know that details make a difference, and we wanted to develop finishing equipment that guarantees the best results every time, which is why the industrial steam generator for laundry is the perfect machine for finishing garments.

Moreover, these machines will streamline the workflow and improve the level of cleanliness, and, without a doubt, both your customers and workers will thank you for it.

The features of the professional steam generator include ease of use and user-friendliness.

Both the BETA-3 industrial steam generators and the SIMBA-MINI professional steam generator iron for are manually supplied with water. They are electric steam generators, one with an aluminium alloy boiler and the other in stainless steel, complete with steam iron.

It should be mentioned that it is equipped with safety devices: a pressure switch, safety valve and emergency thermostat.

Both have the option of a trolley with wheels, to make them more manoeuvrable and facilitate the work.

Where do you need a professional steam generator?

The industrial electric steam generator is ideal for dry cleaners, sewing schools, industrial or professional laundries etc.

The electric steam generator is designed to give a perfect finish to garments. With this machine, your business will stand out from others since it allows you to offer only the best of your textile care business.

Moreover, we know that details make a difference, and we wanted to develop finishing equipment that guarantees you the best results every time, something your customers will thank you for.

Ask Fagor Professional’s team about industrial steam generator price and choose the industrial laundry machinery that best suits your needs.

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