Electric countertop fryers

Electric surface top fryers are a practical solution for small establishments without modular kitchens where the user wishes to position a fryer on a counter and serve fried food easily and efficiently.

Electric countertop fryers for professional kitchens are the perfect solution for medium-sized establishments or small establishments such as neighbourhood bars or commercial areas without large kitchens or without a lot of kitchen space.

This type of commercial electric countertop fryer is an appliance for cooking food quickly and in large quantities. These fryer models have a frying tank for frying food.

To control the temperature at which the food is fried, they have thermostatic temperature control from 60 ºC to 195 ºC. Thanks to this, a suitable temperature can always be maintained in our electric countertop fryer for commercial kitchens.

They also have a safety thermostat so that in case of carelessness or any other incident, the temperature is not exceeded and the oil does not burn. They also have stainless steel armoured heating elements for uniform heating of the oil.

The sector that most demands this type of fryer is small hospitality establishments, pizzerias, and especially businesses that have to fry certain elements that they use in their preparations but that do not need a large commercial fryer with more than one tank and that do not have to fry a large quantity of food.

This type of electric countertop fryer for professional kitchens optimally maintains the oil in its tank at a stable temperature, without variations that could cause the food to lose quality, which in turn makes it easier to get the most out of the oil used. In addition, this type of professional fryer ensures that the flavours of the products cooked in the fryer do not mix, even when large volumes of different products are used.

Our professional team has designed a range of electric countertop fryers for commercial kitchens that can cope with a large volume of work in a relatively short period of time, obtaining very good results and a great natural flavour in the final product.

With regard to oil drainage, our professional electric fryer models are equipped with a tap in the tank to facilitate oil extraction in a safe and efficient way thanks to the tap's robustness and resistance to high temperatures.

The electric countertop fryer for commercial kitchens is a type of model equipped with stainless steel heating elements in its tanks, which facilitates independent heating, while its tilting structure makes it easy to clean the inside. This type of fryer is very easy to install and is certainly more economical.

At Fagor Professional we offer electric countertop fryers for professional kitchens, in which all types of food can be fried while maintaining their flavour and offering the ideal complement to any high-quality dish. They are the perfect complement to any high-quality commercial kitchen.

When buying a fryer for your hospitality business, you will need to consider the size of the fryer. If it is not too big, you can opt for an electric countertop fryer for commercial kitchens like the ones we offer in this range.

They feature top-quality material designed for all types of hospitality and small business professionals, always allowing them to work in a comfortable and practical way to obtain the best results.

We have different sizes and models of professional electric countertop fryers for any sector of the hospitality industry, whether for restaurants, hotels, country houses, bakeries, bars, pizzerias, etc.

You can choose between the different models and functionalities that best suit your needs. Our models of commercial countertop fryers adapt in size and capacity to the needs and production volume of your establishment.

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