Countertop gas fry-tops

Countertop gas fry-tops are the right choice for preparing grilled foods in small establishments without modular kitchens, due to their fast cooking and uniform heat distribution.

Countertop gas fry-tops for professional kitchens are the ideal component for any type of kitchen that needs quality components that ensure good performance in any type of situation and business.

Professional gas fry-tops are the ideal type of cooker for small hospitality businesses that don't have enough space to install a large commercial cooker. This type of commercial gas fry-top offers an optimal cooking speed and a great uniformity in the heat distribution, which guarantees a perfect preparation of the products cooked on them.

At Fagor Professional we manufacture top quality components for demanding professionals who are always looking for the best, in order to offer their customers the best quality and the best products.

Our countertop gas fry-tops for commercial kitchens are equipped with open fires for better control of the work at all times. In addition, they are equipped with safety valves to avoid any possible risk caused by a mistake or any other circumstance. At Fagor Professional we care deeply about the safety of hospitality professionals, who are our main concern.

Innovative design

In the range of commercial gas fry-top cookers, you will find cookers designed in an innovative way following the latest trends in the design of commercial kitchens for different hospitality businesses. They are suitable for all types of businesses such as small restaurants, pintxo bars, bakeries, pizzerias, and rural hotels that offer a dining service.

In addition, the different elements that make up the professional countertop gas fry-top cooker such as open fires and hotplates can be combined in different ways for the preparation of food in frying pans, casserole dishes, pots and pans, and other types of cooking utensils.

For ignition, the countertop gas fry-tops for professional kitchens are equipped with pilot lights that indicate the status of the cooker at all times, thus facilitating its proper use and control.

Fagor Professional's commercial countertop gas fry-tops are designed for ease of use by the professionals who use them. Our designers make them following the advice and professional needs of different hospitality professionals who tell us what they need in order to be able to work in a better way.

Maintaining the unit

As with any kitchen appliance in this range, it must be serviced by a qualified technician. It is important that you do not try to do it on your own, or make unplanned modifications to the cooker.

We have a great team of professionals who are experts in the wide range of professional kitchens, and who will take care of the maintenance of your kitchen better than anyone else. 

Fagor's professional kitchen fry-top are a symbol of reliability and quality, as verified by our large number of satisfied customers.

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