Basque grill - Cooking with charcoal

The new Basque grill from Fagor Industrial offers precision cooking with natural charcoal. In addition, it can be used as a showcooking element for preparing dishes in front of the customer.

Quality of grilled cooking

With its Basque grill, Fagor Industrial offers a cooking appliance which offers top quality grilling of food. Thanks to the use of different woods and coals, the product can be flavoured during cooking. The grill design facilitates a temperature concentration which aids more efficient cooking.

Cooking accuracy and control

The depth is ideal for making maximum use of the temperature, resulting in significant charcoal/wood savings. It has a forced ventilation system to accelerate the production of embers during start-up, thus reducing the start-up time from 20 to 5 minutes. The air intake system is adjustable, to improve the control of charcoal combustion during use.

What is a Basque grill?

A Basque grill is basically a cooking element that provides excellent quality when cooking grilled food. A highly efficient charcoal grill for the hospitality industry that maximises temperature utilisation and generates significant charcoal/wood savings.

It is very useful and practical for bars, restaurants or any other business where precision cooking is required and where priority is given to grilled food and the use of wood or charcoal as the basis for cooking and flavouring.


A tool of this type is ideal for the kitchen of any catering establishment, whether for restaurants, country houses, hotels, bars, pizza parlours, etc. It allows you to give a special flavour to the products so you can always appreciate the taste of natural products cooked over a good charcoal grill.


At Fagor Professional we have the best charcoal grills for the hospitality industry on the market to install in your business, allowing you to prepare any type of dish. It will retain all its natural flavour without losing its qualities, giving it a touch of class that is sure to set it apart from the competition.


With our state-of-the-art commercial grills for restaurants, the product can be seasoned during preparation by using different woods and coals to give a special touch to the prepared food.


We use modern materials and advanced techniques in the manufacture of our commercial charcoal grills. These professional stainless steel grills are height-adjustable to allow cooking at different intensities and total control of the finish point of the food. In addition, the grills have a lower area with a door where various materials, such as a charcoal cart, can be stored for safekeeping. 


Among the complements available to ease the work of professionals, there is an ash collection drawer for each grill where ash accumulates and makes it easier to collect it when cleaning.


Modern design


A special feature of our Basque grill models is their modern and versatile design, adaptable to different situations and locations.


On the one hand, they can be used as a showcooking element to cook in front of the customer so that they can see how the different ingredients that will later form part of their dish are prepared.


Thanks to the four wheels that our commercial kitchen grill models have, they are very easy to handle and transport from one place to another, making it easier to use them in different places and situations. They also have four height-adjustable legs, making them easy-to-use and adaptable models.


They can also be wall-mounted in any establishment thanks to the specially designed furniture for this type of installation and use.


Our models have a worktop designed in 3 millimetre thick stainless steel with rounded edges that are easy to clean and suitable for any type of tool or kitchen accessory that helps you cook.


Fagor Professional charcoal grills for hospitality are designed for easy use by the professionals who use them. Our designers make them following the advice and needs of different hospitality professionals, who tell us what they need to work better and offer a quality service to the customer.


Maintaining the unit


As with any other appliance for the hospitality industry with these features, the maintenance of the Basque barbecue grill should be carried out periodically and always and exclusively by a qualified technician.


It is very important that you do not try to do it yourself, nor make unplanned modifications. It is better that our maintenance service does it, which has specialised professionals who know perfectly the wide range of components of professional cookers, thanks to their years of training and experience.


Once it has done its job and you are letting your commercial grill cool down, it is important to do a minimum monitoring of the grill and check that everything is in order and without any type of defect or breakage: that the controls work well, that the cables have no scratches or knocks, that there is no encrusted grease to avoid any type of undesired situation, etc.


Put a Basque grill in your business and both you and your customers will notice the difference. The taste of your dishes will be improved and your work will be more comfortable thanks to the easy-to-clean and user-friendly grill.

Don't forget that with the facilities offered by this type of grill for professional kitchens you can place it in full view of your customers so they can appreciate the quality of your products and your good work in preparing them.

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