Basque grill - Cooking with charcoal

The new Basque grill from Fagor Industrial offers precision cooking with natural charcoal. In addition, it can be used as a showcooking element for preparing dishes in front of the customer.

Quality of grilled cooking

With its Basque grill, Fagor Industrial offers a cooking appliance which offers top quality grilling of food. Thanks to the use of different woods and coals, the product can be flavoured during cooking. The grill design facilitates a temperature concentration which aids more efficient cooking.

Cooking accuracy and control

The depth is ideal for making maximum use of the temperature, resulting in significant charcoal/wood savings. It has a forced ventilation system to accelerate the production of embers during start-up, thus reducing the start-up time from 20 to 5 minutes. The air intake system is adjustable, to improve the control of charcoal combustion during use.

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