The new Compact range of washers, offers performances equal to those of Industrial Laundry machines and better than those offered by other Professional Laundry solutions.

Much more than professional laundry. A new concept of laundry.

Why choose a professional washing machine?

At Fagor Professional we offer the professional washing machine for small businesses with greater performance.

The professional washing machine is the most widely used laundry equipment in businesses of all types. The businesses can be hairdressers, gyms, campsites, schools, hostels, etc.

The range of professional laundry products is specially designed for smaller installations that require the same performance, quality, and robustness as industrial laundry machines, but with greater versatility, a more compact size, and a more affordable price.

You can choose between the different models of professional washing machines that best suit your needs. Our professional washing machine models conform to the dimensions of your establishment, taking up as little space as possible.

We offer the possibility of customising our professional washing machines at the factory, with all the available options. Special models or any other variant of the standard model are subject to a surcharge.

We manufacture professional washing machines to meet the diverse design and functionality needs of the most demanding professionals.

These high-spin floating professional washer extractors are very easy to install since they do not need to be anchored to the floor You can install and level them easily with the levelling feet, or else include one of the multiple plinths we offer as an option. They have two water inlets as standard, and we offer many different models and options so that you can always find the appliance that best suits your facility.

Semi-industrial washing machines

Semi-industrial washing machines are based on industrial washing machines with a smaller load, like a domestic washing machine, but with better design and performance.

Fagor's professional washing machines provide a good middle ground between a domestic machine and a washing machine adapted to the needs of a small company.

Which professional washer should you choose?

Fagor Professional has years of experience in the manufacture of professional washing machines for sale and continues to evolve to meet the needs of the most demanding and innovative professionals, in a personalised way thanks to the wide range of options available. That is why Fagor Professional offers the best professional washing machines for laundry.

Fagor Professional professional laundry washing machines guarantee you the best quality on the market, as they are manufactured with high-quality materials and components, as well as having numerous advanced features and technology when it comes to energy efficiency, robustness, and connectivity.

Benefits of professional washing machines

With the Fagor Professional line of washing machines you are guaranteed energy efficiency, wash quality, ergonomics, and connectivity.

Thanks to the intelligent, manual weighing system, the amount of water and chemicals is automatically adjusted according to the weight of the laundry load. The automatic dosing function avoids wastage of both detergent and water and provides a better result. It has 8 standard dosing signals.

This type of professional laundry machine incorporates a Touch Plus Control microprocessor. This fully programmable microprocessor includes a multitude of preset programs that can be modified during operation, and the ability to create, export and import new programs via USB. It features a very intuitive and easy-to-use 4.3-inch touch screen, 37 available languages and a USB port for software updates.

The great virtue of the professional washer range is its reduced dimensions, considering its load capacity of 8 to 10 kilos, and the possibility of being stackable, making it a good solution for small spaces. In addition, it can be easily mounted in a column. A professional washer can be stacked with a dryer even if they have been ordered separately as stand-alone machines.

All in all, a professional washing machine with an economical price and perfect quality service.

Which businesses need a professional washing machine?

Our professional washing machines have been designed to meet the washing needs of small businesses in many different sectors, such as restaurants, gyms, hairdressers, dry cleaners, nurseries, beauty salons, campsites...

Fagor Professional offers the best professional washing machines and response to each of the needs of different businesses.

Choose and buy professional washing machine that best suits your needs.

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