Electric salamander with roof panel

The electric salamanders with height-adjustable top are ideal devices for melting, toasting or keep food warm before serving. Built in stainless steel, they have a height-adjustable top for all requirements.

The electric salamanders with mobile roof panel are a very practical complement to any type of kitchen in a hospitality business, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias or the like. They are very practical for keeping food warm, grilling food, browning or toasting pastries and even heating or preparing ready-made breads.

As its name indicates, the main feature of this model of electric salamander with mobile roof panel is its roof, something that not all salamanders on the market have. All the ones in our catalogue are height adjustable so you can provide more or less heat to the food and other ingredients in the lower part of the cooker.

Our electric salamanders with height-adjustable roof panels are ideal for grilling, toasting or keeping food warm before serving. To this end, they have a height-adjustable upper roof panel for the different needs that may arise for professionals who use this type of cookware in their business kitchens.

The salamander is the ideal appliance to prevent dishes from getting cold once they have been prepared or to give the finishing touch to those special dishes that need a final burst of heat. Some models even allow you to grill and brown food.

In the Fagor Professional catalogue you will only find electric salamanders, which are those that allow a variable roof height, unlike gas salamanders where this is not possible.  In addition, our electric salamanders with adjustable roof panel are designed to be anchored in one place, against a wall or in a specific space, as well as to be moved according to the needs of the professional at any given moment.



Contemporary design


The salamanders in the Fagor Professional range are designed following the latest trends in the design of industrial or professional kitchen elements, using innovative components that give kitchens a modern and functional look while guaranteeing the safety of the professionals who use them. For this reason, many professionals opt for this type of model.


The electric salamanders with adjustable roof panel are a real eye-catcher in a kitchen due to their open appearance and their height-adjustable roof which allows the distance between the heat source and the food to be adjusted. The sides of the salamander are left open, the roof being the only covered part of it.


Our models are made of stainless steel with a satin finish for practicality, aesthetics and easy cleaning.


At Fagor Professional we design electric salamanders with adjustable roof panel with hospitality professionals and similar businesses in mind, with safety and ease of use in mind. Our designers follow the advice of many professionals and take into account their needs when discussing and comparing the innovations to be introduced in our designs.






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