Gas static ovens

The commercial static ovens are excellent kitchen accessories that enable you to uniformly roast all kinds of products. They are ideal for roasting large pieces in roasters as well as drying paellas.

Commercial static ovens are an oven model based on baking and roasting by means of the propagation of the heat produced by the heating elements distributed in different zones, especially in the external part of the oven cavity itself.

Professional static ovens are ideal for roasting medium and large pieces and for drying paellas and other dishes of this style, but also for baking pizzas, bread or dough and getting them hot and ready to eat.

They are also suitable for baking biscuits, meringues and cakes. These ovens produce a more delicate and slower cooking, making them very suitable for more consistent and drier cooking.

These ovens are very versatile and adaptable to different types of production. Therefore, they are widely used in different types of businesses such as bars, restaurants, pizzerias, pastry shops and bakeries. In fact, commercial static ovens are the first ovens to have been produced since the beginning of the last century. Their technology is usually more economical than that of more sophisticated ovens.

When to use a static oven?

As mentioned above, the use of a professional static oven is most suitable for gentle cooking and for food that needs to be drier and more done inside. 

This is achieved through the use of heating elements in the oven walls. This ensures that the heat does not move because there is no air flow inside the oven, so cooking takes place evenly from all sides.

Professional static ovens cook food mainly by heat conduction and radiation. This type of oven is very adaptable to all types of products and is therefore considered a universal oven.

Fagor Professional's commercial static ovens use innovative elements for their design and manufacture. Our professional engineers have years of experience and are in constant contact with professionals from different sectors in order to constantly optimise our static ovens and to be able to offer the best service to our customers.

These types of ovens are adaptable and can use either gas or electricity as an energy source, depending on the type of static oven you choose. The selection of the components will also depend on this choice. But all the models you in Fagor Professional's range of static ovens are made of stainless steel and have 3 levels for positioning the food tray, letting you control the way the heat and temperature are received. The temperature can be adjusted by means of a thermostatic valve and can be set between 130 and 350 °C.


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