Commercial bain marie

The Kore 700 commercial bain maries are an important addition to the cooking blocks as they facilitate the temperature maintenance of sauces, garnishes and other types of cooked food which can be placed directly in casseroles or pots, or using GN receptacles.


Gas or electric heated machines with enough power to quickly reach the optimum heating point. 


2 crossbars are included to support the NG recipients, in order to make kitchen work easier.

What is the Commercial Bain Marie and what is it for?

Commercial bain maries are based on the bain marie cooking method. The bain marie is a form of indirect, slow and uniform heating by immersing the vessel containing the liquid or solid substance to be heated in a larger vessel containing boiling water or other liquid. It is an ideal method to give food an uniform temperature by heating it slowly.

This method has been used since ancient times and is used in many industries, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemical laboratories, canning, the food industry and of course in the hospitality industry, places like restaurants, bars, bakeries, country houses, etc...

What advantages does this method bring to the kitchen?

This cooking method has the following virtues:

Due to the slow and uniform heating, it is widely used for melting some foods such as chocolate and for heating already cooked foods. Widely used in confectionery businesses, which use professional bain maries to optimise the process.

Preservation. It allows food to be preserved, since the heat supplied to the container eliminates micro-organisms.

Vacuum seal. By placing the food in closed glass jars and subjecting them to boiling temperature for a certain period of time, micro-organisms are destroyed and the air inside is removed. During the cooling phase, as there is no air in the upper space, a vacuum is created, producing an airtight seal of the lid.

Fagor Professional Kore 700 commercial bain maries

When selecting and choosing the type of bain marie machine for the hospitality industry it is important to know the brand. At Fagor Professional we have extensive experience in the manufacture of professional bain maries for restaurants and catering.

Fagor Professional models are a guarantee of quality. You will know that you are getting the best possible technology, given the hard work and professionalism of the people involved in the process of creating these highly productive machines.

The Fagor Professional bain marie machine offers optimum operation thanks to the thermostatically controlled water temperature, between 30 and 90 degrees. Manufactured with the highest technology, in stainless steel and laser-cut joints with automated welding and polishing. They contain tanks built into the worktop that can be fitted with different container arrangements, thus adapting better to the needs of the kitchen professional.

Fagor Professional's catalogue of bain marie machines includes both electric and gas models. In this way, our gas and electric bain marie models adapt to the needs of any hospitality business that uses this cooking method.

The gas models have an insulated combustion chamber, which reduces heating of the components, and the highly efficient stainless steel burner is located outside the tank. No electrical installation required.

As for the electric bain marie models, their operation or heating mode is by means of an electric heating element, made of stainless steel, located on the outside of the tank and equipped with a safety thermostat and a filling tap.

These kitchen items will make your business easier and more productive. 

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