Commercial chips scuttle

The Kore 700 commercial fried food holder is a fundamental complement to the fryers for heating and maintaining the temperature of the fried foods while preserving their properties and draining excess oil and grease.


The internal angles of the well are rounded to aid cleaning. 

What is a chips scuttle?

A chips scuttle is a machine used in the hospitality industry to drain and keep fried food warm. It is very useful for preserving the properties of processed products for a longer period of time without losing their qualities, flavour and texture. It is indispensable in bars, restaurants or other hospitality services where fried food is prepared and needs to be kept for a long time.

A commercial chips scuttle is perfect for any sector of the hospitality industry, whether for restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, bars, pizzerias, etc. It allows products to be kept warm so that they can always be consumed in their optimum state.

Function and use:

Use a commercial heat maintainer after frying the food. The fried food is deposited in the tank, where the fat drips out of the perforated bottom, and an external heat source (such as an infrared lamp) maintains the temperature of the food as if it were freshly cooked.

A chips scuttle for commercial kitchens is a machine with a very specialised purpose and, as its name suggests, it is not used for cooking but to maintain food that has already been cooked, in this case fried food such as:

•    French fries
•    Croquettes
•    Squid
•    Nuggets
•    Various fried and battered foods in general

Fagor Professional Chips Scuttle

At Fagor Professional we have the best commercial machines for keeping fried food warm. The Kore 700 and Kore 900 series have the option of incorporating a commercial chips scuttle to preserve heat and fried food.

Precautions for use of commercial chips scuttles

A professional chips scuttle has to be installed by personnel who verify that the power supply is properly installed, the voltage is correct and that the temperature is correct.

Commercial chips scuttles, like all elements of a commercial kitchen, have to have their safety protocols, as you can't rock or tilt them when the machine is working.
It is important to be cautious with these appliances as they are very hot, and the burns they can cause are not to be trifled with.

It is essential to switch off the machine after having carried out its intended function, as this will spare you any unpleasantness due to its high temperatures.

Cleaning a commercial chips scuttle

Unplug the machine from the mains whenever you are going to clean it.

Do not spray water directly on the chips scuttle during the cleaning process. Water that has accumulated (not dried) on certain components of the appliance may cause an electric shock or short circuit.

Clean the surface once it has been switched off and cooled with a damp cloth soaked in a cleaning product that does not damage the machine, and do this every day so that it is ready for the next time it is used. 

Maintaining the unit

Maintenance of the chips scuttle must always be carried out by a qualified technician only.

Do not touch anything in the commercial chips scuttle, nor make any unplanned modifications, as it is better to have it done by the Fagor Professional maintenance service.

Once the professional chips scuttle has performed its function, check that everything is in order, that the cables are not stripped, that the controls are working properly and that no grease is encrusted to avoid any type of undesired situation.

A commercial chips scuttle is perfect for any hospitality sector, whether for restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, pastry shops, bars, pizzerias, etc. Everywhere food needs to be kept hot for a long time.

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