Commercial fryers

The Kore 700 commercial fryers, considered high-performance fryers, are appliances specifically for producing large quantities of food fried in oil at the right temperature with a fast start-up time.

Perfect combustion

The KORE 700 range fryer achieves perfect combustion so, unlike other fryers on the market, it is possible to make the flue flush with the other equipment. 


High power machines that heat up quickly and have a high power - litre ratio (up to 1.00 kW/litre)

Commercial fryers are used in large professional kitchens. These are appliances for cooking food faster than a normal fryer and usually also in larger quantities. They consist of one or more tanks, each of which requires a heating element to heat the oil and one or more baskets to remove the fried food from the tanks.

Commercial kitchens are the sector that most demand a commercial fryer, as they provide numerous advantages in their daily work. For example, they keep the oil in their tanks at a stable temperature, without variations that could lead to a loss of food quality. This in turn makes it easier to get the most out of the oil being used. In addition, these professional fryers ensure that the flavours of the cooked products do not mix.

Our professional fryers are suitable for any type of hospitality business, as their capacity and design, carried out by our team of experienced professionals, allow them to cope with a large volume of work in a short period of time, obtaining very good results and a great natural flavour in the final product.

In addition to this, our commercial fryers have a built-in safety thermostat system that facilitates temperature control at all times and guarantees the safety of professionals who use this type of fryer.

When it comes to draining the oil, these Professional Fryer models have a ball valve in each bowl to facilitate safe and efficient oil extraction. This is due to the robustness and resistance to high temperatures of the tap.

We have two main types of professional fryers, electric fryers and gas fryers.

Commercial gas fryers are models that have three longitudinal heat exchange tubes integrated into the tanks to facilitate the heating of the tanks in a fast and efficient way. This rapid heating is one of the main advantages of this type of professional gas fryer, together with its lower consumption level in large productions. As for ignition, it is produced by a spark train that ensures its effectiveness.

The Commercial electric fryer is a model equipped with stainless steel heating elements in its tanks, which facilitate independent heating, while its tilting structure makes it easy to clean inside. This type of commercial fryer is very easy to install and is certainly more economical.

At Fagor Professional we offer professional fryers for restaurants where all types of food can be fried while maintaining their flavour and offering the ideal complement to any high quality dish, making them the perfect complement to any high quality commercial kitchen.

When buying a fryer for your hospitality business, you should consider the size of the fryer. We have different sizes and models for any hospitality sector, for restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, patisseries, bars, pizzerias, etc. You can choose between the different models and their functionalities that best suit your needs. Our commercial fryer models adapt in size and capacity to the needs of the production volume of your establishment.

Our professional fryers are ideal for any type of restaurant or hospitality business, as they are models that have been specially designed to facilitate the daily work of the kitchen professional, and to achieve greater performance.

With a good commercial fryer, any hospitality business becomes a strong candidate to have excellent products that their customers will value very positively. This is guaranteed by using any type of model chosen from our range of commercial fryers.

It is clear that any hospitality sector, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, patisseries, bars, pizzerias... work much better if their facilities include a high-performance commercial fryer of this type.

They are designed and prepared by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector who are always thinking about the customer and offering them the best and safest resources so that their only job is to prepare delicious recipes.

The commercial fryer has very specific features for adjusting the temperatures in a suitable way to cook and fry the different dishes properly and at the optimum temperature for each item.

A professional fryer like the ones you will find in our catalogue can make the difference in your business, as it is prepared to do any job at a professional level, in large quantities and quickly.

We offer all this, together with the quality of the materials, the durability and resistance that hotel and catering businesses need, as top-of-the-range machinery is not only necessary, but obligatory in this type of business in order to be able to offer an excellent service. Its finishes, with worktops made of stainless steel, in addition to a beautiful design, offer great comfort and manageability for the workflow. 

We are specialists in what we manufacture, offering a guarantee on our technologically advanced products, reducing consumption and speeding up the process of preparing dishes. We manufacture commercial fryers created to provide solutions to the diverse design and functionality needs of kitchen professionals. With powerful and versatile fryers, we offer some of the highest power and performance on the market, and high quality for the most demanding professionals. They are designed and prepared for intensive daily work and are the perfect solution for any type of hospitality business.

A type of professional fryer that makes it possible to optimise the space available and adapt the structure of the kitchen and its components to it, providing convenience for professionals.

The Commercial Fryer is a good investment for any type of business in the hospitality sector; be it restaurants, hotels, bakeries, country houses, pastry shops, medium-sized bars, pizzerias, etc. Offering the possibility of preparing various tasty dishes in a short period of time to satisfy customers.


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