Commercial gas cookers

The Kore 700 commercial gas cooker is specially designed to be one of the most powerful on the market, providing a high level of performance in limited spaces.

It is suitable for an extensive variety of receptacles such as pans, saucepans, pots, etc. Use of the optional griddle allows for grilling meat, fish, seafood and vegetables at any time.

Along with the features of a cooker, the gas or electric oven adds the possibility of cooking food in receptacles or in a broiler, depending on the type of food and the size of the pieces to be grilled.   

Maximum power with the greatest safety

The KORE 700 range offers the most powerful burners on the market. With a maximum of 8 kW per burner, it is possible to achieve the optimum power all chefs are looking for.
Moreover, the burners have been designed to guarantee the safety of the pilot light and thermocouple, protecting them from any knocks. 
The burner diffusers and the grills of the cooker have been designed to prevent the burner flame from being directed towards the centre of the grates. 


Components such as the deep-drawn surface top or the stainless-steel oven make cleaning easy and convenient, ensuring greater hygiene.
Moreover, the flexible gas pipes make repairs and maintenance quick and easy, saving time and effort.

Attention to detail

The oven was meticulously designed in order to ensure optimum usability:
   - Rails with an anti-tip system, therefore improving the stability of the grills.
   - Cast iron oven floor which guarantees better performance and uniform heat distribution.
   - Guaranteed perfect oven closure thanks to the deep-drawn frame and inner door.

Professional gas cookers

Gas cookers are those that use natural gas or butane to cook dishes. They have burners of different sizes and adjustable flame.

They are the most basic type with the simplest mode of operation, and have been the most common type of cooker in households for many years.

Although we may associate gas cookers as something rustic, butane or natural gas commercial cookers are a common professional choice in kitchens in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants, hotels, canteens, bars...

Features of commercial gas cookers

Professional gas cookers used in the hospitality industry are characterised by their simplicity of operation, speed in reaching temperature and versatility in terms of preparation methods.

Simplicity provided by its flame system. By using burners that produce a flame for heating, no electricity is needed for operation, making professional gas cookers a reliable and efficient tool for preparing all kinds of dishes.

By using a flame to heat cooking vessels directly, commercial gas cookers can reach high cooking temperatures in a short time, as no surface or heating element needs to be preheated.

Another great advantage offered by the flame of a professional gas cooker is its ability to heat any type of cooking utensil, regardless of the material: clay, copper, steel, ceramic, aluminium... On a gas cooker, all types of kitchen utensils can be used. Their versatility makes commercial gas cookers the perfect cooker for all types of hospitality premises, even for kitchens with the most demanding preparations.

Advantages of a gas cooker in a professional kitchen

Although nowadays there are many alternatives when it comes to equipping a cooker in hospitality or large dining rooms, commercial gas cookers continue to be a reliable alternative, on a par with other options, due to their various advantages.

One is their durability. Due to their simple operation and the fact that they do not require complicated electronic components, professional gas cookers are robust and suffer few breakdowns with proper maintenance.

Another advantage is that they are easy to clean, as they do not require any special products or particularly delicate surfaces.

Finally, another great quality of professional gas cookers in hospitality is the ability to quickly adjust the cooking temperature. By being able to adjust the flame, the cooker can be adapted to different cooking methods.

Considerations when choosing a commercial gas cooker for the Hospitality Industry

When it comes to equipping a cooker for hospitality, it is important to choose the right qualities. Semi-professional gas cookers or professional cookers must have features adapted to your business that conventional cookers cannot offer.

At Fagor Professional we have the highest quality commercial gas cookers with competitive features at the best price.

The gas cookers of the Kore 700 range can be used with all types of professional cookware:  casserole dishes, frying pans, saucepans, pots... Optionally, there is the possibility of adding a griddle plate, which will allow you to grill dishes such as vegetables, meat, fish or seafood.

The double crown burner design ensures optimum heat distribution for professional efficiency.

With the option of including a gas or electric oven, gas cookers are a versatile and efficient option, capable of preparing any type of dish, and are suitable for any type of hospitality business.


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