Commercial gas solid tops

The Kore 700 commercial fry top gas cookers provide different zones of different temperatures on the same plate using a single high-power central burner. This feature allows you to simultaneously perform strong, soft cooking, pan frying and temperature maintenance.


With a powerful 8.4 kW burner and double-crown diffuser made of nickel-plated cast iron which guarantee an even distribution of heat from the flame.
The temperature range (500 °C at the centre and 200 °C at the edges) obtained in the different parts of the fry-top makes it possible to experiment with different cooking methods. 

High productivity and cleanliness

Ensures high productivity due to its large surface area of 800 x 580 mm. Moreover, due to its rounded corners, it is quick and easy to clean. 

In a commercial cooker it is very necessary to have a good grill as this machine is widely used for the preparation of meals. The Fagor Professional commercial solid top gas cooker is designed for intensive and continuous use in kitchens in the hospitality industry.

The Kore 700 Commercial Solid Top Gas Cookers provide different zones at different temperatures on the same hob, using only a single powerful central burner. This special feature of the Kore 700 commercial solid top gas cookers allows you to simultaneously cook several meals at different temperatures, keeping the cooking constant at all times.

The Fagor Kore 700 solid top grill can be used simultaneously for heavy cooking, gentle cooking, pan-frying and temperature maintenance, thus offering optimum cooking speed and great uniformity in the distribution of heat, which guarantees perfect preparation of the products cooked on it.

The innovative design of our Kore 700 Commercial Solid Top Gas Cookers makes them suitable for all types of businesses such as hospitality, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, cottages, bakeries, pastry shops, bars, pizzerias, etc. In addition to this innovative design, we add to the grill the possibility of it being placed over a static gas oven, adding versatility to our commercial grill.

These gas ovens, located under the grills in cookers, add the possibility of cooking food in pans and grills on three levels of height, according to the type of food and the size of the pieces to be grilled. They will definitely help you to serve healthy dishes in a quick and tasty way.

What are the advantages of the Fagor Commercial Solid Top Gas Cookers for the hospitality industry?

Fagor Professional has years of experience in the manufacture of commercial cookers and continues to evolve to meet the needs of the most demanding and innovative professionals, in a personalised way thanks to the wide range of options available. That is why Fagor Professional offers the best commercial grills.

Among the advantages offered by our products, we could highlight the following:

  • Power and temperature. Compared to electric grills, gas grills are more powerful and reach higher temperatures for faster and more effective cooking. Our solid top commercial gas cookers are equipped with an 8.4 kW burner and a cast iron double-crown diffuser that guarantees uniformity and heat distribution of the flame.

  • Lower energy consumption. Commercial gas grills will help you save on your electricity bill. As they run on butane or natural gas, they do not consume electricity.

  • High productivity and cleanliness. The commercial or professional grill for the hospitality industry is essential in most bar, hotel and restaurant kitchens. Due to their continuous use, these units get dirty frequently and the commercial grill must be cleaned thoroughly every day to prevent damage and possible ageing of the grill and to achieve a clean and germ-free appearance.

Our innovative design helps in this task by creating rounded corners to assist in this daily task, making it easier and quicker to clean.

  • Modular. A cooker with a commercial grill to which we add the possibility of placing it over a static gas oven is a well-equipped cooker for a bar, hotel or restaurant.

In short, this is an essential element for any hospitality business, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, patisseries, bars, pizzerias, etc. In which, thanks to this element in the cooker, dishes can be speeded up, giving an exceptional touch to the preparation.

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