Commercial grills

The Kore 700 commercial barbecues are the ideal appliances for roasting food. 
The grills reach a very high temperature (400°C) , so that the surface of the produce is quickly sealed, preserving the succulence of the interior


The grills of the KORE 700 range are available in a wide variety of models: both half module and whole module and with iron or stainless steel grills. Moreover, they include a scraper to perfectly clean the grill as standard.


The gas model grills are made of ceramic stone which creates a shield against drops of fat on the burners, preventing flames from occurring, and ensuring optimum temperature distribution. They are also much quicker and easier to clean than volcanic rock.


They can reach up to 8.1 kW, higher than other products on the market.

A commercial barbecue is basically an element that provides excellent grilling quality. A professional barbecue for the hospitality industry is very effective in maximising temperature utilisation, thus generating significant energy savings.

A tool of this type is ideal for the kitchen of any catering establishment, whether it be for restaurants, country houses, hotels, bars, pizzerias, etc. They are very useful and easy to use, and you can easily moderate the temperature.

In the area of commercial barbecues, Fagor Professional is one of the leading companies. With years of experience, tradition is one of its hallmarks, combining tradition with new technologies to achieve functional and aesthetically pleasing barbecues. In the manufacture of the commercial barbecue we use modern materials and advanced techniques.

They are professional barbecues made of stainless steel with laser-cut joints and automatic welding, with reversible mild steel grills with two different finishes on each side: sloping and ribbed with grooves for meat and flat for fish and vegetables.

Among the accessories you will find to facilitate the work of professionals are our special double profile squeegees for mild steel barbecue models or the special squeegees for stainless steel models.

Modern design

A special feature of our commercial barbecue models is their modern and versatile design, adaptable to different situations and locations.

Our commercial barbecue models for the hospitality industry have a worktop designed in 1.5 millimetre thick stainless steel with a stainless steel grill and "z" shaped slats that are easy to clean, with a receptacle for collecting cooking fat and one or two drawers for storage. They also incorporate a removable 130 mm high stainless steel splash guard to prevent splashing.

Fagor's professional barbecues for the hospitality industry are designed for ease of use by professionals. Our designers create them according to the advice and needs of various hospitality professionals who tell us what they need in order to work better, thus providing a great quality service.

Which commercial barbecue to choose?

Fagor Professional offers various solutions for balanced cooking that leaves food juicy. We offer you more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing, which is reflected in the designs and technological innovations they are equipped with. With us you can buy the commercial barbecue that best suits the needs of your business, since we have different models available:

  • Table-top electric models.

  • Table-top gas models.

  • Floor-standing gas models.

Electric models

As the name itself implies, this barbecue is powered by an electric power source, and the most significant feature of the commercial electric barbecue is that it benefits from technological advances to make grilling a quick and easy experience.

Its groups of shielded stainless steel heating elements, 2 or 3 depending on the model, allow the grills to reach a very high temperature (400 ºC), so that the surface of the product is quickly sealed, keeping the inside of the food juicy.

It is also worth highlighting its water tank to improve safety and to obtain the right humidity for optimum cooking of the food.

In terms of cleaning, these models stand out because with just a little water, the residue on the trays and grilles will come out.

The maintenance of these units is also noteworthy, as the great advantage of the Fagor electric barbecue is that it only needs energy to operate, making maintenance easier.

Table-top and floor-standing gas models

This type of barbecue is powered by natural gas, butane or propane. This fuel is transported to the burner unit by means of a hose and heats the ceramic stones on a support grate, which in turn heats the food evenly on the grill.

In the table-top gas models, the Fagor Professional Kore 700 barbecue burners are ignited by piezoelectric ignition and have an independent control for each group of burners by means of a safety valve with thermocouple. The number of burners usually varies according to the model of commercial gas barbecues.

In the floor-standing gas models, the burners are ignited by means of an electronic spark train, and there is also an access duct for manual ignition. It also has independent control for each group of burners by means of a thermocouple safety valve, with a number of burners that usually varies according to the model.

It should be noted that all Fagor Professional Kore 700 barbecues for the hospitality industry include a very useful feature: the grease collection drawer, which allows water to be placed in them and, thanks to the heat radiated by the gas burners or the electric heating elements, low-intensity steam is generated, allowing the barbecue to roast in a steam atmosphere.

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