Commercial stands

The Kore 700 commercial stands make for the ideal component when you're in need of storage space. Quickly coupled to support the countertop type elements, they can be used as an open or closed storage element.

We at Fagor Professional are aware that today's kitchens need to offer a specific functionality to make the most of the space in each business, whether in the hospitality sector, for restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, patisseries, bars, pizzerias, etc.
Good organisation is necessary in any type of industrial kitchen in order to make the most of the space and to correctly place the stainless steel stands, the fryers or the industrial oven in functional places that optimise the space.
Commercial kitchen stands and design.
By designing and choosing the furniture for commercial kitchens in a way that is personalised to your needs, you can achieve greater comfort when using the different elements that make up the kitchen.
Fagor Professional's stainless steel commercial kitchen stands offer the best features for rationalising the space available in a professional kitchen.
Fagor Professional commercial kitchen stand, manufactured with a solid AISI-304 stainless steel structure, acts as a support for worktops as well as for cookers, grills, fryers... 
Its lower part can be used for storage, both open and closed, as well as for the installation of commercial ovens.
Thanks to its modular design, the different units that make up a professional kitchen are integrated into each other and every corner of the available space is used to the maximum.
Professional stands: accessories and options
Kitchen stands are the foundation of a professional kitchen. In addition to being the support on which the kitchen tools are placed, they are also the place where the kitchen utensils are stored. Our commercial kitchen stands with a stainless steel structure are robust and offer multiple options for storing utensils, making the most of the space inside.
When equipping a professional kitchen, it is important to be clear about the use of each space in order to gain efficiency and save time. The layout of kitchen stands and the choice of suitable storage accessories is essential to avoid dead zones and long distances between areas.
The following accessories are available for more efficient storage in the stands:
Drawer modules: ideal for small utensils, ideal for making the most of small spaces.
Modules with guides: for greater convenience when placing and removing the most frequently used utensils.
Modules for plates: so that cutlery is tidy, accessible and takes up as little space as possible.
With these options, by coupling different modules of commercial stands and combining them according to the needs of each work area, you will be able to satisfy the kitchen's needs in the most efficient way possible.
Kitchen areas:
Professional hospitality kitchens can vary from one another for many reasons: size, frequency of use, types of food being prepared... there is no single perfect layout solution that fits them all, but most are divided into different areas where different tasks are carried out.
Commercial kitchen stands and the accessories they incorporate are different for each of them and should be adapted to your needs. The needs of each work area must be carefully analysed in order to choose the most suitable kitchen stands.
Preparation area: 
This is the area where cold dishes or ingredients are prepared before cooking. In this space, commercial stands will be used as a storage area, with drawers for storing kitchen utensils or guides for quick and ergonomic access to the most frequently used utensils. In the upper part, different neutral elements are placed, such as taps or stainless steel worktops, providing the necessary support for the preparation of each foodstuff. 
Cooking area
This area is where hot food is prepared, in ovens, fryers, grills, hobs... It is usually the central core of the commercial kitchen, as this is where the vast majority of dishes are prepared and where the cooking utensils and cookware are located. 
In this section the commercial stainless steel stands provide the necessary sturdiness to house convection ovens, or any type of cooking equipment such as hobs, grills, vitroceramic hobs, fryers...
Stands with open storage or without doors are also very useful for quick access to bulky kitchenware and for making the best use of space.
Storage area
This is the area of the kitchen where the utensils for preparing food (cookware or knives), cutlery, crockery, glasses and cups for dishing up and serving food, etc. are kept. In larger kitchens or kitchens with a large variety and volume of dishes to be prepared, this becomes more important.
The stands in this part of the kitchen are used to store all the kitchenware and will have different types of doors adapted to the space: sliding, hinged, with guides... They will also have drawers, or interiors with accessories to keep the plates, glasses and cutlery organised in an orderly manner for easy and intuitive access to them.
Wash area
This is the area where dirty dishes are washed after the food has been consumed, where the dishwashers are located. It is important that there is a differentiated space between the dirty and clean dishes and that this section is clearly separated from the rest of the kitchen.


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