Commercial tilting bratt pans

The Kore 700 commercial tilting bratt pans are very versatile, high capacity machines that offer the possibility of having four devices in one (frying pan, fry-top, kettle, and boiling pan and bain marie).


The entire structure of the KORE 700 tilting Bratt pan is manufactured in stainless steel, with a very thick well base that ensures even heat distribution.


Well designed with rounded corners and no edges, with a large opening for unloading to facilitate all cooking and cleaning operations.


Double-walled lid with a draining rack at the back to redirect condensation water towards the well interior. The closed lid is the same height as surface tops of the range and since it does not require any protruding elements or reinforcement, it can be used as a worktop. Finally, it has a compensation system to prevent sharp falls. 

What are tilting bratt pans and what are they used for?

Commercial tilting bratt pans are machines whose main feature is their versatility, designed specifically for use in commercial and high-performance kitchens, which combine in a single machine the capacity of several common elements in commercial kitchens, such as:

  • Fry-Top or grill. It can be used as a grill, since the temperature of the bottom is very high and all kinds of meats, vegetables, etc., can be prepared on it.

  • Fryer or bratt pan. The tank can be filled with oil up to a certain level and food can be fried in it.

  • Boiling pan and bain marie. They have a built-in water-filling tap, thanks to which it can function as a commercial boiling pan that allows for the preparation of large volumes of food such as stews, casseroles, soups, rice, etc...

Features, operation and benefits of the commercial tilting bratt pan

This machine has a large container, called a tank, which is mounted on a tilting system, which can be raised and tilted to make it easier to arrange the cooked food and to empty the tank itself.

These high-performance machines have a large capacity, ranging from 50 to over 100 litres. As an example, a 50-litre container can make 150 portions of soup per hour or 100 portions of rice per hour or 30 kg of meatballs per hour, etc...

Commercial tilting bratt pans are usually available in both gas and electric models. The electric ones have a higher operating cost, as the energy source used is more expensive than gas, but for the latter it is necessary to have the corresponding gas installation in the kitchen and to incorporate the safety measures recommended for these models.

As an advantage, the gas ones usually provide heat more immediately and with a more precise control of it through the flame. They are suitable for all types of businesses such as hospitality, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, patisseries, bars, pizzerias, etc.

The advantages they offer are mainly that, thanks to their versatility, they allow kitchens to dispense with several machines that take up a lot of space, they also reduce downtime during cooking, and having fewer machines in the kitchen saves on cleaning costs, chemical products and maintenance.

Fagor Professional Kore 700 Tilting Bratt Pan

With Fagor Professional you can buy the ideal hospitality industry tilting bratt pans for your business. We have two different models: G710 and E710. Each with its corresponding features. The best tilting bratt pan at an unbeatable price can be found for sure in the Fagor Professional catalogue.

Both the G710 and E710 models incorporate a crank-operated tank lifting system. The vat can be raised until it is vertical to completely drain it.

The entire structure of the Fagor tilting bratt pan is made of stainless steel, and to facilitate all cooking and cleaning operations, the corners are rounded and free of sharp edges, with a wide outlet.

The double-walled lid with drainer at the back to redirect condensation water into the tank, once closed, maintains the line of a worktop of the rest of the range, and since it does not need any protruding or reinforcing element, it can be used as a work surface.

The E710 model (electric) uses stainless steel shielded heating elements located under the bottom of the tank, and the G710 model (gas) uses high-performance four-branch steel burners controlled by a safety valve with thermocouple.

Both systems, either heating by branch burners or by electrical heating elements, together with the high thickness of the bottom of the tank, always provide maximum uniformity in the distribution of the temperature, guaranteeing even cooking.

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