Vertical structures that provide order, hygiene and safety to the kitchen.


Stainless steel shelving, with removable shelves and racks washable in dishwasher.

Order in the kitchen

Shelvings allow to hang anything necessary on hand, as well as store trays and recipients that may need to quickly access and to maintain the temperature thanks to the heat radiated from the cooker. 

Space optimisation

Supports for our Optima ovens and salamanders that allow quick access and guarantee excellent management of the space.

Customised vertical structures by Fagor Professional

Fagor's Kore 700 modular kitchen was designed to promote total freedom in the design of tailor-made professional kitchens, adapting the different elements of the kitchen to the taste and working style of kitchen professionals. With a high-quality finish, it is the ideal tool for adapting cooking areas with preparation elements of different shapes and sizes.

Elements that can be incorporated into kitchens are vertical stands for commercial kitchens, elements that provide the kitchen with hygiene, order and safety, three important reasons for choosing these vertical stands for commercial kitchens.

Kitchen layout: variety of custom-made structures

The Kore 700 modular kitchen was designed using 3D modelling software. With it, you can create the structures that best suit the needs of your space and optimise its use. 

The most common kitchen layouts are the central kitchen, an island kitchen without wall support, and the wall-mounted kitchen with wall support and in-line layout. Cooker supports are usually placed on pedestals (leaving the space under the cooker open) or on low units to be used as storage for kitchen utensils, among other things. Here we could also add vertical stands for the kitchen to free up storage space in the base unit for equipment such as an oven. 

Personalisation of elements in the kitchen

The Fagor Professional Kore 700 tailor-made commercial kitchen includes a wide variety of customised elements, such as induction hobs, gas burners, pasta cookers... together with these elements we have vertical stands for commercial kitchens made up of supports, shelves and grids, so that the design can be adapted to each kitchen that the hospitality industry needs.

Fagor Professional vertical stands for commercial kitchens provide the following advantages to the kitchen:

-    Order in the kitchen. The utensils that you want to have at hand can be hung on the shelves in an orderly fashion. Containers and trays can also be placed to keep them warm thanks to the heat given off by the cooker.
-    Space optimisation. Space management is guaranteed with vertical stands for professional kitchens, as they can be optimally positioned to allow quick access to these elements of the kitchens.
-    Cleanliness The shelves, with grating or racks, are made of stainless steel and are easy to clean, as they are composed of removable parts that can be put in the dishwasher.

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