Bridge block

The bridge system is a cooking block assembly option designed to obtain a lighter work space.


Each kit consists of two support beams for the cantilever machines, clamping parts for attaching the beams to the side machines, clamping parts for the cantilever machines and a central support for bridges of more than two modules.

Type of blocks 

One of the first things to take into account when organising a kitchen is the type of blocks to be installed. The available space and floor plan are important when choosing the type of unit that best suits your needs. The blocks can be wall-mounted or central, if the cooker is installed as an island or away from the walls, but the possibilities of kitchen furniture are not limited to these two types, there are other options.

A very common option that offers many advantages is the bridge block for professional kitchens. These include space, convenience and cleanliness, as the blocks do not rest on the floor. These are three of their main advantages.

Bridge blocks for professional kitchens: an option with many advantages

This type of block avoids contact with the ground by means of an anchoring system and has wall and central fixing systems.  The different kitchen appliances that we offer in our catalogue can be incorporated into the bridge blocks for professional kitchens, thus being able to adapt to the needs and layouts of all types of professional kitchens.

Fagor Professional bridge blocks for commercial kitchens

Whether the kitchen units are wall-mounted or in the centre, the Fagor Professional Kore 700 series of bridge blocks for commercial kitchens offers the perfect quality and design for professional kitchens with high demands. Made of stainless steel, with a durable and high-quality construction, they meet all your needs.

Customisation of elements for stainless steel bridge blocks
The Kore 700 modular kitchen contains a variety of elements adapted to different types of kitchens, such as induction hobs, gas burners, pasta cookers, etc... All these elements and much more are available in the modular Kore 700 series to allow the design to be adapted to the type of kitchen required.

Design and Finishes
Kore 700 modular kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel for perfect hygiene results and a hard surface that will stand the test of time. The control panel is finished in a straight line and painted in matt black.

The kits offered for the stainless steel bridge blocks range from 1 to 4 metres in length, and all kits include two support beams for cantilevered machines, beam fasteners for lateral machines, cantilevered machine fasteners and a central support for bridges of more than two modules. 

For each side, both left and right, a double trim is available, and for the interior finish, a single bridge block panel is available. A plinth is also available whether gas or electric appliances are chosen.


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