Commercial electric cookers

The Kore 900 commercial electric cookers are made up of  powerful heating plates made of cast iron that guarantee great performance and excellent results. A very versatile appliance, they are designed to be used with a wide variety of receptacles such as pans, casseroles dishes, pots, etc.


The special design of the embedded countertop, with no grooves and with rounded edges, facilitates cleaning of the work space.  The hotplates are positioned above the level of the surface top, preventing liquids spilt into
the liquid collection trays from penetrating into the machine .The oven  is made of stainless steel, as is the door and internal door, which helps to clean it. The inner guides can be removed to facilitate this work.

Powerful and efficient

The control of the plates enables the user to choose from seven positions of heating power, adjusting to each requirement. 
The oven temperature is adjustable by thermostat up to 310°C, and works with heating from the top, from the bottom, or both.

Types of commercial cookers in the hospitality industry

When it comes to choosing the type of cooker to be installed in a restaurant, bar, hotel, dining room... there is no single ideal option.

There are several types of professional cookers that can be used in hospitality: gas cookers, electric cookers, vitroceramic or induction cookers are the most common. Which one to choose also depends on different factors and their specific weight in each particular case: power, energy source, hygiene, price, consumption, type of dishes and cookware...

One of the most versatile types of cooker, due to its adaptability and few limitations, is the commercial electric cooker.

What are commercial electric cookers like in the professional sector?

Professional electric cookers stand out for their ease of cleaning due to their smooth shapes, their simplicity in adjusting the temperature and for being an economical option that can be used with pots, pans, casserole dishes and other cookware of all types of materials without restriction.

Electric commercial cookers are those that operate by means of a thermoresistance. Although there are other types of cookers that use other electrical principles (such as induction cookers), when we talk about commercial electric cookers we are referring to electric cookers with independent heating hobs.

These hobs are equipped with selector switches of different positions, to regulate their power and consumption. In contrast to the continuous flame regulation of gas cookers, these positions are fixed, making it easier to calculate the heat produced and cooking times.

The most common power supply for commercial electric cookers is three-phase with neutral, between 380 and 400 V in order to achieve greater power, although there are professional electric cookers that operate with 230 V single-phase current.

Main advantages of a commercial electric cooker

The most important features that make the electric cooker a suitable choice for many bars, cafeterias, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues are the following:

  • Easy Cleaning: Its smooth shapes and lack of moving parts or openings make it quick and easy to clean, thus eliminating the danger of dried-on stains.

  • Easy temperature control: With different fixed intensity settings, its heating is the same every time it is used, so that the temperature and cooking times can be accurately calculated for subsequent cooking processes.

  • Material of cookware: earthenware, aluminium or copper vessels can be used. It does not need to be made of ferromagnetic materials, as is the case for induction heating.

  • Electrical connection: for cookers that do not have a gas supply or which cannot be used for regulatory or safety reasons. Professional electric cookers can be installed in all kitchens, especially if a three-phase installation is available.

  • Safety: it involves fewer risks than a gas cooker, such as leaks, fires or burns.

  • Value for money: the cookers are more economical than other types of professional cookers.

Kore 700 Range Commercial Electric Cookers

At Fagor Professional we have designed the Kore 700 range of electric cookers to offer the most competitive solution in the professional field.

Our commercial electric cookers have 2, 4 or 6 heating hobs. With a circular shape, they fit the shape of the cookware and are easy to clean as there are no hard-to-reach edges.

Their 7-position power selector provides precise temperature control for different types of cooking.

They are made of stainless steel, thus ensuring a robust and durable unit, with rounded edges to prevent liquids from penetrating inside.

Kore 700 commercial electric cookers can be adapted to the needs of any professional hospitality kitchen such as bars, restaurants, residences, hotels or schools.

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