Commercial electric solid tops

The Kore 900 commercial solid top electric cookers have 4 independent cooking zones, allowing different surface temperatures to work simultaneously. This is because they contain, under the steel plate, 4 high-strength resistors distributed so that they independently heat the four quadrants with a power control for each of them.


The special design of the embedded countertop, with no grooves and with rounded edges, prevents liquids penetrating into the machine and facilitates cleaning of the work space.
The oven  is made of stainless steel, as is the door and internal door, which helps to clean it. The inner guides can be removed to facilitate this work.

Powerful and efficient

It contains 4 high-strength resistors under the steel plate distributed so as to independently heat the four quadrants of the plate.
The power control for each resistance, enables the user to work with diffferent temperatures gradients on the plate. 
The oven temperature is adjustable by thermostat up to 310 ° C, and  work with heating from the top, from the bottom, or both.

Whether in home cooking or commercial cooking, electric grills play an important role, "grilling" vegetables, meat and fish and turning them into healthy meals with less fat and more flavour. Having an electric cooker with a professional grill can be a great experience when it comes to preparing the most delicious, healthy dishes, perfect in texture and appearance, meeting the highest quality standards.

Professional Electric Cookers with a Grill usually have different manufacturing materials that provide different results and features when cooking; some materials heat up faster, others stick less, are more durable or more delicate, etc.

They are ideal for any hospitality business, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, patisseries, bars, pizzerias, etc.

In general, commercial electric grills have a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature of your grilled food. Obviously, these grills in professional cookers have to be powered to work, and their finishes are usually very functional and modern. Moreover, they are perfect for places that don't have the facilities or gas supply to operate a professional grill cooker.

Kore 700 Commercial Electric Solid Top Cookers

Kore 700 Professional Electric Cookers with a Grill for the hospitality industry have 4 independent cooking zones, allowing you to work with different surface temperatures simultaneously. This is due to the fact that they contain, under the steel grill, 4 high power resistors distributed in such a way that they independently heat the four quadrants of the grill with power control for each one of them.

The innovative design of our Kore 700 professional grills makes them suitable for all types of hospitality businesses. In addition to this innovative design, we have added to the Fagor professional grill the possibility of being placed on a static electric oven, adding versatility to our Fagor electric grills for the hospitality industry.

These electric ovens, located under the grills, add the possibility of cooking food in containers and grills on three height levels, according to the type of food and the size of the pieces to be grilled. To improve productivity and cleanliness in the professional cooker, they are equipped with an anti-tip system, controls placed on the upper panel for better ergonomics, a stainless steel cooking chamber that facilitates cleaning and improves hygiene, etc.

What advantages do Fagor Commercial Electric Solid Top Cookers offer?

  • Flexibility.  The "solid top" cooker with its four 16 mm thick heating elements under the grill are distributed in such a way that they independently heat the four quadrants of the grill. Its 7 positions for each heating element allow you to work with different temperature gradients on the grill.

  • Ease of movement and cleaning. Pressed worktops with rounded edges, made of stainless steel, designed to prevent liquids spilled from pans from entering the cooker interior and for easy cleaning.

  • Safety. Equipped with systems that make it very safe against any unforeseen event, such as protection in case of excessive temperature of each heat source, high temperature chimney protection, protection that activates the cooling fan of electrical components, IPX5 protection against water, etc...

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