Commercial pasta cookers

The Kore 900 commercial pasta cookers are machines specially designed for easily and efficiently cooking pasta, although they can also be used for cooking vegetables, rice or eggs.


The countertop is made of 2 mm thick AISI-304 stainless steel.
The cooker bowl is integrated into the countertop, and is made of 1.5 mm thick AISI-316L stainless steel.
The baskets offered as complements are made of stainless steel mesh, which guarantees their durability.


Easy to clean vat, with rounded edges.
Stainless steel mesh baskets are easy to clean, and can be placed in the dishwasher.
Removable and dishwasher safe anti-foam strainer.

Cooking pasta

Many people write about how to cook pasta to perfection so that it retains its shape and texture without making the mistake of overcooking it. Although simple in principle, it is also confusing, and many chefs even in top restaurants make this mistake.

The most common way is to cook it completely and then put it back in the pot and leave it there. Even after turning off the heat and draining, the pasta continues to cook, especially if left in a hot pan. Another common mistake.

In the kitchen, planning is important, planning ahead, estimating the cooking time for the type of pasta you are using and always being alert while cooking to check if it is ready. Pasta has its own times, depending on its size and thickness, and they are not always as indicated. It is also very important to use the necessary amount of water in the pot, 1 litre per 100 grams.

As soon as the pasta is cooked, drain, transfer to a bowl, cover with sauce and serve. This dish of pasta and sauce should be so hot when it arrives at the table that the aroma fills the dining room and lingers once it is served on the plate. They are ideal for any catering establishment, whether for restaurants, country houses, hotels, bars, pizza restaurants, etc.

Commercial pasta cookers, what are they?

Kore 700 commercial pasta cookers are specially designed to cook pasta easily and efficiently, but can also be used to cook vegetables, rice or eggs.

With commercial pasta cookers, the main advantage is to increase the speed of cooking pasta and make it quick, easy and efficient.

What to consider when choosing a good commercial pasta cooker?

Pasta is one of the most demanded products in restaurants, so it is important to take into account the qualities and advantages of using this type of machinery. One of its main advantages is that it facilitates safe cooking of pasta and is 100% safe in terms of food safety.

Depending on the size of the hospitality business, you will have to choose between one model of professional pasta cooker and another, including gas, electric, stainless steel, and a different number of baskets for cooking different types of pasta at the same time, with different temperature controllers, different power, size and ergonomics.

Cleaning is one of the qualities to be taken into account; there are commercial pasta cookers that comply better with cleaning standards and can be cleaned more quickly.

Having good equipment in the hospitality business ensures the success of a company, and the commercial pasta cooker is the best option for use in those hospitality businesses in which pasta is cooked. Naturally, they are considered key elements in businesses that focus on Italian food or where pasta is an important part of the menu.

All in all, commercial pasta cookers make the task of cooking pasta much easier, and using them instead of a pot to cook pasta is only an advantage.

Options for commercial pasta cookers from Fagor Professional

At Fagor Professional we have taken all these requirements into account to achieve the best pasta production in the hospitality industry when designing the Fagor Professional Kore 700 range of gas or electric pasta cookers. The stainless steel tanks are built into the worktop and are available in two different sizes, 26 litres and 40 litres capacity.

Filling is by means of an inlet solenoid valve with a two-position switch (medium filling speed and high speed) and draining is by means of a mechanical ball valve resistant to high temperatures, with a safety overflow. Also for safety, the machines are equipped with IPX5 water protection and automatic power cut-off.

Its power of 10 KW for 26 litres is among the best on the market, and the possibility of obtaining a tank of up to 40 litres with only half a module sets it apart from the rest of the market, as this saves a large amount of useful space in the kitchen. The ergonomic design, which includes baskets with "crossed" handles for greater comfort and stability when lifting, is also noteworthy.

Fagor Professional's gas and electric pasta cookers adapt to the needs of any hospitality business.

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