Cantilever system

The commercial cantilever blocks facilitate customisable device distribution according to the needs of each client. For this we have two types of installations: wall-based and central. The cantilever solution takes into account the location of the connections so that they are hidden from view.


The fact that the devices are suspended facilitates the cleaning of the bottom of the machines.
The components of the cantilever kits are made of AISI-304 stainless steel, which guarantees a long life and compliance with the IPX5 standard.


Cantilever system designed to provide the kitchen professional with improved comfort and ergonomics in their daily work. 
Central blocks with central support shelf designed to accommodate accessories for the cooking block.


Each kit consists of support modules made from 4 mm AISI304 stainless steel profiles, support arms for supporting machines made of AISI 304 stainless steel, rear supports also manufactured in AISI 304, in addition to side and front closing panels and support feet.

Type of blocks 

When organising a commercial kitchen, one of the first considerations is the type of blocks to be used. The space available and the planned layout are key in choosing the type of blocks that best suits your needs. These can be wall-mounted or central, if the kitchen layout is in the form of an island, away from the wall.

This will be determined by the placement of the modules in the kitchen, but it is not limited to these two kitchen block options.

One of the most popular and advantageous options are the commercial kitchen cantilever blocks. These blocks do not rest on the floor, which provides more space, convenience and cleanliness.

Cantilever blocks: an option with many advantages

By means of an anchoring system, they avoid contact with the ground. Our cantilever blocks for professional kitchens have a wall or central installation system, and can be completely customised with the different kitchen units we offer, so they can be adapted to the layout and needs of all types of professional kitchens.

The blocks are cantilevered with a central support ledge and stainless steel support profiles. In both cases, whether they are central or wall-mounted cantilever blocks, the connections are positioned so that they are hidden from view.

Advantages of cantilever blocks

The choice of cantilever blocks is not just a question of aesthetics. There are many advantages to adding commercial kitchen blocks to a professional kitchen.

First of all, the most obvious advantage of this system is cleanliness. As they are not resting on the ground, it is easier to access the underside of the machines. This makes it easier to keep the kitchen very clean for a professional service.

The second major advantage is ergonomics and working comfort. This is especially important in large restaurant kitchens, industrial canteens and busy catering businesses where space for movement is important. The commercial kitchen cantilever blocks take up no more space than necessary, facilitating the movement of kitchen staff and avoiding bottlenecks.

Fagor Professional cantilever blocks

Whether the kitchen layout is wall-mounted or central, Fagor Professional's Kore 700 range of commercial kitchen cantilever blocks offer the perfect quality and design for a professional hospitality kitchen with the highest demands. With a stainless steel design, with high-quality and durable construction, they are suitable for all your needs.

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