Fagor Professional has developed a new range of wine cellars and meat agers for display and conservation that increases the value of the products stored inside.

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What are preservation cellars?

Preservation cellars are appliances specially designed and adapted for preserving different types of food and beverages in optimum conditions. Their main function is to isolate beverages and food from external environmental factors and to preserve them in a place that keeps them in the best conditions of temperature, light, humidity and ventilation. Their design usually also ensures that drinks and food are placed in the perfect position and are aesthetically harmonious with their surroundings.

How does the preservation cellar work and what are its features?

Both a wine cellar and a maturation cellar allow you to create a space where you can store all your products, so that you can protect their essential properties from the stresses of the outside environment. Preservation cellars are usually designed to be found anywhere, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, country houses, pizzerias, etc... as some cellars take up very little space and are normally designed so that any lover of good gastronomy can use them both in the professional and domestic world.

There are different types of preservation cellars whose operation is very similar, the most common being the following:

  • Wine cellars. Cellars specifically designed for the storage of bottles at a specific and constant temperature as well as providing adequate ventilation and humidity. The wine cellar usually has special shelves on which the beverages are stored in a horizontal position to keep the cork in good condition. It is very important that, in its design, both in a large wine cellar and in a smaller wine cellar, good quality doors are incorporated, such as the ones that Fagor Professional incorporates, which, thanks to their quality, offer excellent insulation, minimising the risk of condensation and also reducing electricity consumption.

  • Meat ageing cellars. These cellars are specifically designed to ensure that meats are aged under optimum quality conditions, that their aromas develop, their flavours are intensified and that a smoother texture is achieved. To achieve this, certain minimum requirements must be met, such as temperature, air and humidity control, something that Fagor Professional takes very much into account by providing technologically advanced units that are highly reliable, efficient and easy to use.

  • Sausage and cheese ageing cellars. Cellars designed for sausages and cheeses to age in optimum quality conditions, being very similar to meat ageing cellars.

Fagor professional preservation cabinet

At Fagor we have many years of experience in manufacturing and marketing, and we are always committed to innovation in order to offer you products that meet your expectations, providing technologically advanced and highly reliable units. The Fagor Professional catalogue offers two solutions, ageing cellars and wine cellars, both aimed at catering (restaurants, hotels, country houses, bars, pizzerias, etc.).

Vinoteca or wine cellar

At Fagor Professional we have the right wine cellar for every hospitality professional, wine cellars designed to attract attention and serve as a visual attraction for customers in any type of gastronomic space. We offer two ranges of wine cellars, always with the guarantee that endorses us as manufacturers, the ADVANCE range and the CONCEPT, range, characterised mainly by the following features:

  • Excellent insulation.

  • Ventilated system that guarantees thermal stability and uniformity between +4 and +18ºC.

  • Humidity control that maintains the optimum environment for wine preservation, preventing cork dehydration and keeping the label in perfect condition.

  • Separate compartments in the two-door model for storing different types of wine, each at the most suitable temperature.

  • Optional remote version.

Meat, sausage and cheese ageing cellars

Fagor has many years of experience in manufacturing and marketing, always committed to innovation and providing technologically advanced and highly reliable units.

The Fagor Professional catalogue offers two essential solutions for ageing meats, sausages and cheese, the CONCEPT model and the ADVANCE model, both of which share the following main features:

  • Reliability. Thanks to its filters, the quality of the meat is guaranteed with minimal loss of weight.

  • Efficiency. Both in performance and safety, thanks to excellent humidity and temperature control plus sterilisation.

  • Design. Elegant cabinet with a tinted glass door that enhances the appearance of the meat as well as protecting it from ultraviolet light.

  • Ease. Ease of use, as you simply put the meat in and wait for the result. It is also easy to clean, as its design facilitates the cleaning process of the appliance.

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