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Ageing meat, sausages or cheese is a process that adds value to the product. This is achieved by keeping these foods in very precise conditions of refrigeration, humidity and ventilation for a set period of time.

In meat ageing, for example, the meat evolves: its texture becomes more tender while its flavour becomes stronger. Ultimately, the product obtained can be sold at a higher price than the original, improving the profitability of the business.

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What are ageing cellars?

Ageing cellars are an appliance that allows meat, sausage, cheese and other foods to age and mature while maintaining an optimal product yield with the aim of achieving an extraordinarily tender and intense flavour in meats. Even after many weeks of ageing, losses are minimal due to adequate aeration and humidity and a constant temperature.

How does the meat ageing cellar work and what are its features?

A well-designed meat ageing cellar ensures that meats and other foods age properly under optimal conditions and fully develop their aromas, intensify their flavour and achieve a smoother texture. For this purpose, the meat ageing cabinet must meet certain minimum requirements, such as the control of air flow, temperature and humidity in order to achieve a microclimate for a period of time that can last for more than 6 weeks. The temperature range is usually between 5°C and 20°C, and humidity should be kept between 60% and 70%.

Fagor Professional’s meat ageing cabinets are characterised by the following features:

  • Reliability Thanks to their filters that act as air purifiers, all micro-organisms are completely eliminated so that the quality of the meat is guaranteed, with minimal loss of weight.

  • Efficiency Both in performance and safety, thanks to excellent humidity and temperature control plus UVC sterilisation, creating perfect air circulation.

  • Design Elegant cabinet with a tinted glass door that enhances the appearance of the meat as well as protecting it from ultraviolet light.

  • Ease It is easy to use, as you only have to put the meat in and wait for the result; there is no need to refer to manuals on how to cure sausages in cabinets or the like. It is also easy to clean, as its design facilitates the cleaning process of the appliance.

Why choose an ageing cabinet from Fagor professional?

At Fagor we have many years of experience in manufacturing and marketing, and we are always committed to innovation in order to offer you products that meet your expectations, providing technologically advanced and highly reliable units. The Fagor Professional catalogue offers two essential solutions for ageing meat and other foods for the catering industry (restaurants, hotels, country houses, etc...).

Features of the CONCEPT model

Fagor Professional's Meat Ager meat ageing cellars stand out for their innovative design and efficient performance. They offer the greatest safety thanks to their humidity and temperature control system and UVC sterilisation, which creates adequate airflow within the cabinet.

Inside, made of sheet steel which makes it very robust, there is a vertically arranged LED light to maximise the visibility of the product without ultraviolet radiation. The dry aged cabinet has an even distribution of the cold inside thanks to the excellent design of the ventilated refrigeration system and its corrosion-proof coated evaporator. It is also well insulated with CFC-free, eco-friendly injected polyurethane with a density of 40kg/m³. Highlights include UV air sterilisation, activated carbon filter, digital thermostat temperature control with automatic defrosting system, automatic evaporation of defrost water and low-maintenance condenser.

On the outside we find a double glazed door with hinges with automatic return system and opening lock, two height adjustable front feet and four rear rollers to facilitate movement, an external body finished in stainless steel or black with lock incorporated as standard, as well as the shelves which are made of rods coated with anti-bacterial plastic and are also standard.

ADVANCE model features

Meat ageing cabinets designed for ageing, displaying and distributing meat, sausage and cheese, also known as sausage drying cabinets.

Built in stainless steel for intensive professional use, the models are available in central or wall-mounted configuration, with double-walled glass side and central walls with an air chamber between them and with heated glass and door frames to prevent condensation. The available models can have one or two doors and come in two different heights and in two colours, black or grey, but other colours are available on request. The doors are hinged to optimise the use of space and also make work easier, and the entire range includes a decorative plinth as standard.

Inside, a high-intensity LED light is visible and it has a digital thermostat for temperature control and humidity control, temperature adjustable between 0 and 4ºC in 0.1ºC increments. To guarantee reliability, it incorporates ultraviolet light in the evaporator suction for air sterilisation and water treatment through a reverse osmosis system. Its ultra-sound nebuliser allows adjustment of the average humidity between 60 and 90%.


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