Wine cellars

Wine in the centre of the room.

Wine takes centre stage on restaurant tables all around the world. Its different varieties, tastes and textures have seduced so many diners that restaurant owners and professional chefs wouldn’t dream of planning a menu without an appropriate selection of wines.

The curiosity of customers to discover new wines has created the need to present options beyond the traditional wine lists or menus. The process of tasting a good wine begins before even trying it, with the shape of the bottle, the design of the label or the colour of the wine.

Wine in the centre of the room.

What is a vinoteca?

A vinoteca or wine cellar is an acclimatised place that allows the storage of bottles at a specific and constant temperature. It also provides the ventilation and humidity necessary to keep the corks from drying out and to protect the wine from evaporation.

How does a professional wine cellar work and what are its features?

A well-designed professional wine cellar ensures optimal conditions for the wine to age properly and fully develop its aroma. For this it must meet minimum requirements, such as temperature and humidity control. The temperature range is usually between 5ºC and 20ºC and it is necessary to maintain a humidity between 60% and 70%, thus avoiding bad smells, corks and labels in bad condition, etc...

The wine refrigerator is usually equipped with special shelves on which the wine is stored in a fixed position, the horizontal position being the correct one to keep the cork in contact with the wine, and many of the wine cellars have a good quality glass door, such as those from Fagor Professional, which thanks to the double-walled glass with air chamber and the magnetic weatherstripping on the doors offers excellent insulation. As a result, the interior temperature recovers more quickly after a door opening, minimising the risk of condensation and reducing electricity consumption.

How to buy wine cellars?

In hospitality businesses, maintaining the quality of food and beverages is a priority, therefore, it is essential to choose the technology that allows food and beverages to be preserved for longer with the lowest possible energy consumption, something to take into account when buying a wine cellar and not simply get carried away by cheap wine cellars, large wine cellars, small wine cellars, etc...

At Fagor Professional we have the right wine fridge for every hospitality professional. We offer two ranges of wine cabinets, always with the guarantee that endorses us as manufacturers. These two ranges are ADVANCE and CONCEPT, wine cellars that can be integrated into any environment, characterised mainly by:

  • Excellent insulation, to prevent the unit from leaking cold.

  • Ventilated system. A cooling system consisting of a ventilated evaporator distributes the refrigerated air inside, obtaining a uniform temperature inside, which guarantees thermal stability and uniformity between +4 and +18ºC.

  • Humidity control. It allows an optional control to maintain the relative humidity level at 50-60%, an optimal environment for preserving wine, preventing dehydration of the cork and keeping the label in perfect condition.

  • Independent compartments. The 2-door model can consist of two fully insulated compartments, each controlled by an independent digital thermostat. It is possible to store different types of wine, each at the most suitable temperature.

  • Remote version. Optionally, the wine cabinets can be supplied without a cooling system, in order to eliminate the vibrations produced by the motor of the refrigerated unit. In these models, the height of the upper part is reduced to 200 mm.

Why choose a Fagor professional wine cellar?

Fagor Professional's ENOLUX range is a showcase for wine. These vertical wine cabinets have been designed to draw attention and serve as a visual attraction for customers in restaurants, hotels and, in general, any type of culinary space. Their construction details turn them into decorative elements that enhance the spaces and rooms of the restaurant.

At Fagor we have many years of experience in manufacturing and sales, and we are always committed to innovation in order to offer you products that meet your expectations, producing very technologically advanced and reliable appliances. The Fagor Professional catalogue offers two solutions for preserving drinks, specially designed for the hospitality industry (restaurants, hotels, country houses, bars, pizzerias, etc).

ADVANCE model features

Large wine cellar specially designed for storing, displaying and distributing wine. It is made completely of stainless steel for intensive professional use and is available in central or wall configuration, with double glazed side and central walls and air chamber between them. The windows and door frames are heated to prevent condensation.

Inside the Fagor wine cabinet you find ventilated refrigeration to obtain a uniform temperature inside, optional humidity control to create an optimal wine preservation environment, an independent digital thermostat for each compartment, a tray to collect condensation from the evaporator and automatic evaporation (no drainage required) and the perimeter white LED lighting is adjustable by remote control with other LED colour options available on request. The refrigerant gas it contains is Hydrofluorocarbon Olefin R452a (HFO / HFC).

As for the exterior features of the wine storage cabinet, the models are available in one and two doors as well as two heights (2,600 and 2,300 mm) and two colours Black (BLA) and Grey (GRE) with other colour options available on request. Their hinged doors optimise the use of space and make work easier. The entire range includes a decorative plinth as standard. For ease of transport, they are supplied in two packages: the body and the upper compartment containing the complete refrigeration system.

Features of the CONCEPT model

Our new range of commercial wine cellars offers a more modern and elegant solution for storing bottles or preserving them for consumption. Thanks to our new design wine cellars are also a decorative element that adds style to your business.

The exterior is in pre-lacquered steel sheet and the interior in black sanitary thermoforming with embedded interior guides (polystyrene) and injected polyurethane insulation with a density of 40 kg/m3. It has a tinted double-glazed door with an ultraviolet filter that protects the wine from the sun's rays.

Its interior has a forced draught refrigeration system with low vibration compressor and evaporator plate with forced ventilation, electronic and digital control of temperature and defrosting with digital display, black plastic-coated steel rod shelves easily removable for cleaning, 3 of them flat and 1 inclined for the presentation of outstanding bottles or preservation of open bottles. The vertical interior lighting is LED, and the working temperature is between +5 ºC and +16 ºC (ambient 32 ºC).

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