Compact flatwork ironer Phoenix

It is the most comprehensive model, allowing a single machine to use one or two tracks to dry, iron and fold the laundry longitudinally and transversally as well as stack it in a side stacker.  All of this can be carried out with just a single person.

The compact flatwork ironers with folder and stacker are the only compact machines able to feed, dry, iron, fold, and stack flatwork in a single operation. They are a true revolution for those laundries that do not have a great amount of space available and have to handle a large amount of flatwork. These machines do not need more than 27 square meters to be able to operate at full capacity, which is entirely due to their compact design and the option to operate them exclusively from the front of the machine.

These machines have an optional automatic clamp feeder which allows them to work with just one operator. This way, the folded items will be collected in the built-in side stacker. For small items, these machines are able to attach napkin folders to the back, so that the job can be completed easier and production capacity increased.

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