Normal spin washing machines


Washing machines with the same level of performance as the most sophisticated high spin washing machines. This range has been specially designed and conceived for those markets and customers who are looking for a simple washing machine.

The hard-mount machines with 200 G Force stand out due to their energy efficiency and low level of water and detergent consumption. 

Washing machines frequently used by healthcare and social care centres.  Essential for the process of washing sheets and other fabrics with solid contaminants, such as faecal remains or vomit.
Before adding the chemicals for washing, the washing machine carries out a cold water rinse, with maximum levels of water and constant agitation so that the solid contaminants are detached from the sheets. Thanks to the Ø 8 mm perforations in the drum, these solid elements easily leave the drum and are suspended in water which goes straight to the drain via the tank’s upper overflow (with dimensions increased to 3 inches to improve the process and prevent blockages).

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